Installing Xamarin on Windows

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Lecture description

In this lecture you will prepare a Windows computer for Xamarin development by installing Visual Studio 2017 Community along with the Xamarin tools

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English [Auto] In the past two lectures we got our mag ready for Semang development. Now it's time for us to do the exact same thing for Windows. You know if you're only going to be working on a Mac you are actually good to go. You don't need to follow these lecture boards. Eve you do have to use Windows or you want to use Windows. These are the steps that you have to follow. Now just keep in mind that you will always need a Margrove you want to develop for iOS but in case you may not have a Mac available to you all the time maybe you are just bored with one once in a while or renting one in making cloud for a few hours a month. You can do most of your development here on windows and just connect to your Mac once in a while. So it so happens that you will actually have to download to the same page to which we download it for Mac you will have to go to Semarang to come which again will actually read the rest. You over to Visual Studio don't make of that come forth like Semarang and you will now find a download for Windows Potten. So this is the same page but it will know that you are on Windows and will show you the corresponding button. Again I am going to be downloading the community version eventually if I want more features. They have to do and let me just go ahead and run these X-File ease by in a subscription with my account and your ID will be updated accordingly. Now here on the Visual Studio installer let me go ahead and start it. We Edes where we are going to be selecting all of the tools that we would want to get to have no interest in a quick note node while this is towards the studio on Windows is way more powerful Aidid and on mag that you can really just use it for a submarine and a few other things here on Windows you can use it for a ton of things. So if I open the usual was doing STOLER you actually see a very big list of things that you could install compared to the version on Mac. You have everything from Windows to Web and cloud to mobile and gaming which is where you want to select mobile development with the net. This is Semarang to just older tool sets and all the way to individual components and languish packs here. By the way is where you would want to install in your language that you want your ID to display and you can always change the installation location. Now the only thing that you have to select here is these mobile development with dot net at least for the purposes of these curves. Now if you do want to develop for Windows as well you have to go to the window section and select Windows platform development universal Windows platform development. Now that is not something that we're going to be doing in this. But if you want to develop for Windows as well this is going to be required. Now to the right you're going to see some similar options to the ones you had over on Mac. In the case of several workbooks for example you can also by the way select universal windows blood from tools for Severine in here. Again if you want to develop for Windows just make sure in here that you select the Intel hardware accelerated execution manager or Hexham which is going to help you start your Android emulators much faster. In case you do not have Intel you can always just test on your vising case you have an Android phone. Also select the Google Android emulator the Java development kit and the Android SDK set up. Once you have all of this you are good to go you will be able to select install. You will see right here the total space required right now. I already have this version installed so I don't see anything different there but I do have an available update. You see I have fifteen point eight point four. There is fifteen point eight point nine. So the same visual studio installer is going to be helpful when you want to update your visual studio. You can always go here to more to modify. That is exactly what I just did to show you the normal installer that you would see the first time. In my case I will go ahead and update my version of Visual Studio once the solution is complete. You may actually be prompted to restore your system but once you have restarted it you will actually see visual studio ready to go. You will be able to open it and see it just like I am right now. Now this is everything that you really have to do here on Windows. But if you do want to develop Freiherr as there is one extra step that you have to make and that is Connect to a Mac computer. I have briefly mention what this is about which is really just connecting visual studio here on Windows to your Mac computer. So here on Windows you can actually see how your iris applications are going to look like. You can actually compile your iris applications and even Deeble and see the iOS applications wrong here on Windows. Now I have mentioned that everything really happens on a Mac. Which is why that connection is important. That is exactly what we're going to do in the next lecture. We're going to learn how we can connect bouchal studio over to a Mac computer.