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Learn to Make YOUR Next Presentation Your Best Ever

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  • Use presentation skills to communicate with any sized audience
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English [Auto] What's the next presentation you have to get? Where are you most focused on improving your presentation skills? What opportunity is facing you? Is it a job interview? If so, go to the section of the course on preparing for job interviews. Is it fear of public speaking? I've got a section on that go right there. Is it speaking to a large group or giving PowerPoint? I have a section on each one of those. So rather than going through this course in a linear fashion, why don't you hop right into the thing that is of the greatest interest to you? Focus on your needs. That's going to be best for you. OK, just see what I did right there. I started this whole presentation by focusing on you. I'm asking you to go to the area that's of greatest interest to you. That's what I want you to do in your presentation as well. Now, I can't see you. And I know from research you could be in any one of one hundred and ninety two countries and there are tens of thousands of you in my courses. I can't address you individually until you write to me. But what I can do is try to give you guidance right here in this course. And I want you to make this course is useful to you as possible. I also want you when you're giving a presentation to an individual, a colleague, a friend, a family member, an investor to make sure your presentation is is tailored to their interests as possible as well. So do what I'm doing. Don't force people to go through your structure. I've got a structure in this cause I want you to ignore. I want you to focus right away on what is of the greatest concern to you. So take a moment, look through the core, see if there's anything that really addresses your immediate need. And if you do want just a general grounding on every aspect of presentation skills, then keep going right in the same path. Iran.