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  • How to use PowerPoint
  • How to create creative slides
  • How to email presentations
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  • How to record a presentation
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  • How to insert videos into slides
  • How to insert pictures into slides
English [Auto] Now let's get started on creating our first PowerPoint slide how they are testing today. So simply says click or title the title using PowerPoint. Very simple. I agree. That is who I am. So now be our introduction slide our titles live and up here we have two options to sign. Just simply click right here and look at it live for us. And as you can see it automatically has this type of template right here where you have your your title name where you have the text right here. This is the automatic TANTOWI that comes up when you fly. So that's the title is getting started with PowerPoint syntax of the slide. That's what we've learned so far. And enter Tex so cynically and see just simply go in there and type in automatically when you have this template use a book for me. You don't have to have ballpoints if you don't want you just unclick this which I hear but it's nice just to get a quick outline of what you're doing. And bullet point is a great way of just outlining your main points not when I said it just quick bullet point that they keep in touch on why given the presentation. So another way we get our slide is click right here. And this is added new slide and you have all these options the type of slide you want. So let's just go at the same time and say this is creating an outline. So now we created our outline we're adding more to learn about adding new slides in different ways. So is I think it's important when you're using PowerPoint to just create your outline for us. There's a lot of eyes that go on. You can tailor our design in this slide before you even put the context in setting it up. Most important is just to put your context in put your work and type would be to go back and make it look like the way you want your content. That's the most important thing when giving a presentation. Just go ahead and do slides again. Here's another way that we can change our slide that we've already built. Instead of adding a new slide and making it the way you want you basically right click on existence lie or lay out in you could you could do it any way you want. So let's just go with this to contest life changing Plantae takes over here so you see that this slide automatically shows you get to content you get hyper side by side in peer thing. That's what you want to. It says this is the last sentence we have to content now simply go here and click on the center right here and our center everything for us is where the two contests lie. Learning different people. And it gets much more advanced than these simple as these are just your simple basic layouts. There is much more good do we as smart are images. You can always click on a box if you want to. You can move it around where every one on the slide as well. So this is just simply just scanning the idea of higher rating the send up and you can move it around in the way that you want to move around which I think is important to first it kind of wanna get started on what you're doing. And then Garcelle say we can quickly answer the image you want to so we can go there. Pictures and then you can go for whatever picture that she wants in this picture part of huge. But you could get jagged on the corner exempli resizes to the way an outsider. Quickly I had the picture raggamuffin much more data by adding images and the different things you can do with images. But it is another way you can create just like so now looks like we have a talking point in a picture right here with this lie. And this is just quickly creating arsh are outlie. And to go over it we just go here at our slice of click from began. So now we have we're using Powerpoint and you click on the right arrow to go next. The click on right are now part of your next slide. Then do they go all the way to the last slide and when you get your last line do is get you the screen and the slide show. And we just hit escape. And also over here on the left where I showed you previewing the outline of a slide show we also just changed the order by simply clicking and drag to whatever already watch or sliced it mean just in case he might have made you slide out of order after you made and you really want this lie over here. You don't have to delete it again. You is how it on clicking in you because you're in that way. And that is it just for creating our first lines in getting used to creating.