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In this lecture, you will learn how to get the Apple developer license for iOS

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English [Auto] In this lecture I'm going through the steps of getting the iOS developer license. All right now the license is the big word because basically it's just a fear. $99 a year that you have to pay. You don't have to do anything else. You don't have to be a special person to get the license. OK. All right having said so. Go to any web browser and start typing. Developer added up all the gum that slash programs. Once you're there you'll be a big blue button on the top right corner that says eneral click on the button. And what you have to select is the individual one not as an organization or an enterprise no need. So start your enrollment. You know very simple. You need to create an iTunes account ID people call so that an Apple ID. But if you have an iPhone and iPad you are free or really have one. So as you can see I really have one ready to go. If not you can just create a new one. Right. Just go through the steps and you'll be able to have that. Once you get that click on sign in and you'll be able to access the developer portal. Right. OK so he says Sorry you can't and when it is time for me the reason why saying that because I already enrolled. So obviously I don't need to enroll again. Right. But then follow the steps. Once you do this just make sure you have it. Go to iTunes Connect dot apple dot com. All right. So let me zoom in iTunes Connect dot apple dot com and press enter and here log in with your username and password. By the way if you shouldn't have any of these messages that's because they have plenty of apps here and some of them are old and they need to be removed. Not a problem but you may have a little warning here because you need to put your bank account information so that you can get paid whenever you send an app on the App Store. OK. So make sure you follow the steps here. OK. Then click on my apps and that's where your app will be located. All right. So again click on my apps and all your apps will appear here. If you've never published any apps yours will not be there. As you can see I've made hundreds of apps already have many many years of experience with that. All right having said so that's how you get the developer license.