Execute Test Case in RIDE thru Command Line

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Execute Test Case in RIDE thru Command Line

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Robot test cases can executed thru RIDE or thru CLI. This lecture explains how to run test cases from the command line

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Hello everyone. Welcome back. In this video we're going to learn about the test execution in reward framework. No we can execute this in reward framework basically by two ways. One which we have already seen through the right Ed and that is the great format. And the other one is the command line. Now in the command line reward framework test cases are executed from the command line and the end result is by default and output file in an X similar format and an estimate report and the log report. Now in order to execute that we go to the path with our report best suit file is present and we give the command robot and space of our dispute file door report. So let's go back to our right editor and let's try to run the same test case using right editor and then to come. So here I am in my right editor. So name of a dispute over here this test shoot one and we have a path over here. See Robert Project's demo project and test suite underscore 0 1. So I'm going to copy the parts from here. I'm gonna go to my command line over here. I'm just gonna go to the spot to demo project for now. I'm in this part now so I'm just gonna do robot space in the name of my test shoot. So it's tests you underscore 0 1 the robot. I'm gonna press enter and you can see over here our test cases have executed two of the test case. Oh no for how fast. And one test cases failed. So we're going to look at the reason why this test case has failed. But this is a way that we can run out the same test case through command line as well. And this as you see it generated the output log file output or maximal in our demo project it created a lot of decimal and a report or text him. Now let's suppose we don't want to run the computer suite. We want to run only a particular test case in a test suite. So for that we have the command over here robot Dusty. And the test name so I'm going to give the commander here a robot dash T. So let's give the test name as c 0 2. Let's suppose we want to run this test case and then we have the name of a test suite test sweet on the score. SIEGEL One thought robot so I'm going to press enter as you can see we have successfully done only one test case. Among the other test cases in the test suite. Now we have already learned about tags in the test case and we know that. How important are times when we're running our test cases. So in command and also we can run the test cases using tax so we can include their tags which we want to run and we can also exclude their tags. So here of the command for the same. So if you want to include the tags so we'll type reward cash I guess just include under tag name. And if we want to exclude the type we will drive to reward test. E That's just exclude the tag name. Now let's try to see which are tax we currently have in our test cases. So Test Case 0 1 does not have any tax currently test case. 0 2 how a tag by the name log in and test case for all or does have a tag by log in. So. So let's run this time log in and buy this log in task 0 2 and test the 0 4 should run. So I'm going to go back to my command line. I'm just going to copy the command from here. I'll be. I'm going to paste here I'm going to include the tag name logon. This is my name all the time. And I'm gonna give the name of the test suite to see where this goes. What one thought it would get a press Enter Oh it says it's an error passing log in failed data source does not exist. Let's look at why this area over here oh I got it. So basically this is my mistake here. We should not have included over here. I'm just going to move this to now I'm little on the same command. But without the include So you see we have successfully done all the test cases which has a tag name blogging. Similarly in this way we can have tag names and we can do the exclude come on and exclude the test cases which we do not want to execute. Now this is one of the options that for Trimble provides while running the test cases through a command and there is so many options that are available so to look at all the options I'm providing you with this link of GitHub in this link or here you can see that we have various command line options for testing locution we can utilize just RPF before turning on the agenda or the mission mode you have to see if you want to send the documentation over top load that's what you can do that too. There's so many options you can play around. I would suggest you go through this Web site play around the different options for a command line test execution but most importantly which we will use is a name of a particular test case or the test cases with particular tax. This is all for this you and I'm going to see you in the next video. Thank you.