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Minerva Singh
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Complete Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation With Python

Learn to Preprocess, Wrangle and Visualise Data For Practical Data Science Applications in Python

06:07:33 of on-demand video • Updated August 2019

  • Install and Get Started With the Python Data Science Environment- Jupyter/iPython
  • Read In Data Into The Jupiter/iPython Environment From Different Sources
  • Carry Out Basic Data Pre-processing & Wrangling In the Jupyter Environment
  • Learn to IDENTIFY Which Visualisations Should be Used in ANY given Situation
  • Go From A Basic Level To Performing Some Of The MOST COMMON Data Preprocessing, Data Wrangling & Data Visualization Tasks In Jupyter
  • How To Use Some Of The MOST IMPORTANT Data Wrangling & Visualisation Packages Such As Matplotlib
  • Build POWERFUL Visualisations and Graphs from REAL DATA
  • Apply Data Visualization Concepts For PRACTICAL Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • Gain PROFICIENCY In Data Preprocessing, Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation In Jupyter By Putting Your Soon-To-Be-Acquired Knowledge Into IMMEDIATE Application
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