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If your running Wordpress - I added a link to the W3 Total Cache setup tutorial page in the resources section

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English [Auto] Hey guys welcome back to the course. I'm glad you could make it back to Section 3. This is definitely my favorite section because it deals with a CEO and we all know that a CEO is definitely the best converting channel and if you start ranking on Google then you start getting free targeted traffic and you make a lot of money and your business will increase. In this section I'm going to be discussing SightSpeed and mobile friendly worse as you know. Google doesn't like non mobile friendly web sites and therefore they will not rank you or your chances of ranking will decrease if your website is not fast enough or mobile friendly. So we definitely need to make sure that our website is fast and mobile friendly for it to run and start ranking on Google. We can do that in two different ways. First of all we can go to Page Speed and sites which is Google's tool you can use Google Page Speed and sites and you will get to this page Zervos time. I've already put in our competitors you are l and it's the j dot com and so far they have given them a 47 out of 100 speed which is pretty bad. So we definitely want to make sure our our site is faster than this so that we can beat them in Google rankings. Another factor if you scroll down would be the user experience that shows if the site is mobile friendly or or not obviously is more friendly they give them a 99 out of 100. And as you can see on the right hand side their side is mobile optimized and responsible. We can also scroll over to the desktop and it seems that their site is very slow. This could be because they have a lot of different videos on the site and that's decreasing the speed. However we need to make sure our Web site is much faster than 45 out of 100 so that we increase our chances of beating them in the a c or rankings. Another tool we can use to check on the mobile responsiveness and how mobile friendly Their site is called browser stack. This Web site lets you check the site on different mobile phones. Windows 8 Windows 10 iOS Windows Phone anything you can think of. Even desktops using OSX or the older versions. So you can sign up to this website. They offer you a 30 minute free trial as you can see I signed up for the 30 minute job. I don't use this that much. However if you have multiple websites I suggest you test the site on the different browsers and the different systems. In this example I'm just going to show you how their site looks on Windows 10 Internet Explorer Windows 10 so I just click on that and they are booting getting ready to open up the browser inside my browser window. And as you can see this is what it looks like. So all we have to do now is close this and then type in there you are role in the search box. All and this is what their website looks on a Windows Internet Explorer browser. So as you can see you can just go back and do this for all the different Web sites you can switch the resolution and you can switch many different things. I'm just going tell it to stop and just to give you another example you can check out what it looks on Android on Galaxy S oxy S-5. And as you can see this is the android Galaxy S5 It's still loading. However once it loads you can just put the euro and you can see what their website looks inside the phone. The point of this letter is just to point out that we need to beat our competitors speed to increase our chances of ranking and bring them on Google. So in this case we can definitely beat them on as a 45 over 100 is pretty bad score even on mobile. Forty seven hundred is a pretty bad score. So we can definitely optimize our website to make it faster and stronger. Google provides you with a little bit of options of how you can do that. As you can see optimizing images decreasing their size enabling HD to be compression if you're running a WordPress website I highly suggest you use a plugin called W3 total cache. If you install this plugin you can automatically increase the site speed. And that way we can beat our competitors. Thank you for watching this lecture. See you in the next one.