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English [Auto] In order to understand Klauer understand certain basics of these basics. The most important one or the basics of saddlery actualisation adequate You must also understand about storage and about networking. We'll be seeing all three of them in different videos. This we do is about the basics of several virtualization. The first question is what is that about is. Virtualization as the name indicates is an act of creating something that is something which is not really a what happens in seldomer physician is that the actual physical resources are hidden from the user. And each a physical Saddleworth is split into multiple which will Saddlers. Lets go ahead and see this in more detail so that you understand this clearly and look at the left side of the screen the left the Major on the screen. This is taken from the be embedded site. This is something which happens on your laptop let us say are on your desktop that is you have the physical hardware. And in Bell six machine or in the machine whatever and not init you have Yanik working cards you have your disks you have a storage cards and so on this is accessed by the operating system directly. So on your laptop for example you may have a single standard system you may have loaded Linux but there is only one operating system and that operating system is accessing all the physical resources be it memory be your network card be a storage. So what people found out was that when the sudras became very barfly the amount of CPI usage that happened was a fraction of what could actually be achieved. That means the RCP usage would be around 20 percent or 30 percent Vanniyar application was running at full speed and full steam at this point. People started asking So what's happening to the other part of this or is that is the CPO 70 percent is it lying idle. Your memory is not used efficiently so what should we do. And this led to this concept of sexualizes said send to like this and what happens is you dont allow the operating system rabbinically interact with the physical resources that you would introduce a new layer in between the operating system and the physical resources and this layer is required as an hypervisor. Here on the right side of the screen. In this diagram you can see something Kyla's as accelerant. Now that ESX said whatever the ESX that is there is what is quite pleasant hypervisor. Now this hides all the actual physical sources from the operating system. If it hides from the operating system then how does operating system access that. Now this particular hypervisor it presents certain physical resources as virtual resources to the operating system. That is it will show the operating system that operating system has access to memory it has access to all this could have access to network cards but it is not the real physical access. Rather it is giving of what access to it when it does that we can now run multiple operating systems on top of it. So if you see the left side of screen in one physical therapy will run only one operating system whereas on the right side you see you are running now two operating systems. How is this possible this is possible because this particular layer called the hypervisor layer is virtualizing your physical hardware and then you're just providing each of these operating system with some physical resources. The operating system think that they have physical resources but in truth they have only virtual resources. And this ESX saturable yet or the hypervisor takes care of ensuring that whenever there is a call to the memory whenever there is a call to the CPQ the app appropriate rissoles the real physical resource that is translated and sent to a real physical source. So that's the job of the hypervisor and the hypervisor. What Charless these physical hardware and presents it from multiple operating system. So now what happens is earlier you are running only one operating system on one Seabee or one physical machine. Now you can run multiple operating systems on the same physical machine by using what is Carlsson hypervisor. This is what is Carlist software which realization. So each of these operating systems that run the skald as a virtual machine. So on the right side of the screen you can see we are now running pool what tool machines. They are also famously quite lesbians are what you're shocked form part the machines and we have multiple virtual machines running on a physical. So here is a view of the hypervisor as you can see here at the lower most part of this diagram is the host heart of it and the hardware could be Sebille memory network card hard disk et cetera et cetera that your card and on top of it there isn't hypervisor. We had it described as a Zen hypervisor. It comes from the zen Open-Source not zen like I said. On top of it you see that what are known as guest boys. Each one of these is running inside. What is qualis of Austral machine. So we have any number of virtual machines running yet and each other virtual machine will run an operating system and also remember but each of these virtual machines can be on a different operating system. So you don't need to run the same operating system and all these virtual machines. So your hypervisor will ensure that you can run multiple operating system on the same physical hard. So this is the broad outline of what is Sarwan which realization now. Let us see what the popular hypervisor is that are used in the market VM It is one of the leading companies in the space. And then I realized that his colleagues excite Microsoft also has an eye but why is that. This is known as Hyper-V then from open source we have a Zen Amazon actually uses a customized additional of Zen under the open source project is OBM. And finally we are talking about Oracle having something known as Oracle. These are the popular ones that are few more which exist for our purpose. This would set now these virtual machines are what are known as gently multitenant. What do you mean by multitenant it multi-tenant it as this diagram would show you is about what what sewing machines are running on the hypervisor. What does that mean. Lets take a cloud scenario Amazon ribbon a watch on Mushi. Now what muchan machine that on brands for you will be running on a particular height of a particular hypervisor. On the same hypervisor there will be another Watson machine running which court Blunket different Arsen. In other words you are multitenant it that you are one and there is somebody else and another can send this diagram shows you that are virtual machines of one account number one. Then that is one little machine for car number two on the virtual machine for car number three. Most of the cloud providers give you multi-tenant and virtual machine. So when you are asking for an instance when you're asking for a machine from the cloud provider beat Amazon beat Google it read Microsoft beat IBM. All of them provide you with a virtual machine and that virtual machine generally is multi-talented. Of course all of them would give you a dedicated one a singleton in muchall machine we call it if you needed but the default mode which most of the cloud providers work is known as a multi don't need it more. So what does Singleton ancy a singleton and C is where all your virtual machines are running on the same physical side of it. Or it should be the other way around. Let me correct that on a particular physical Harbutt only the virtual machines pertaining to your account running only your virtual machines run that are Norwegian machines of anybody else running. So this is Kylah singleton. So why didn't it reads multiple virtual machines or different people can be running on the same part of it whereas in the case of singleton and Z we are talking about all the virtual machine belonging to the same account the same person. Now what's in machines also provide you certain advantages. Now one of them is that you can do a lot of transparent failures. I mean not not failures I said transparent failures. What does that mean. You're finding that a particular physical machine is going to have a problem. Then these virtual machines can be moved to either physical machines without disrupting the connection. That is you will be connected and then these physical machines will be moved. So this for example IBM where Cox this is Wii motion. So it moves the physical machine size it moves the virtual machine from one physical server to honor that transparent to the user. So this becomes very important for us because this reduces the downtime because if there is a physical hardware problem you're not worried because the sound cloud provider is automatically moving our VM to some of the physical server without us being impacted. This is a very important feature. Let's also look at what could be the advantages of using virtual machines first thing of course. So it's the optimal use of all the server resources so that instead of us that were running at 10 percent 20 percent utilization you will see be all your memory hard disk everything is running at a much higher utilization. So for the cost that you pay for the server you're getting the maximum benefit. Second is that we can easily clone the watch on machines. Again I'm not getting into the depth of what is virtual machine what is cloning except that we can say that you and I have one Whetsel machine I want another machine exactly the same like this. I can easily get it. So. So sort of let's say on your medical data center you want to put up multiple systems well each system should be similar to the other. So you only have an image you want to load each one of them and in each of the stairwells and do the whole operation it's a lengthy process whereas in Wium we can just clone the VM and start to save it so it becomes much easier to clone a particular VM. So use 1 VM generate Reems which are very similar to that and start them immediately. We saw earlier that this also gives a bit of file tolerance because we can move the VMS wherever they want. And very important for the cloud providers. You get an optimized load distribution. What does that mean. That means that I have Quinby physical cetera. So let's let's take the case of somebody like Amazon not mesons word how hundreds of physical servers and on each other physical hardware is going to start multiple beings. So when a load on one particular server becomes more he can move a VM from that server to some of the Sarber transparently thus distributing the load in such a way that there's very little impact on the users. Users will not see their Reems going slow down now because the machines are working slow and all that. Or rather this helps them very transparently remove the VM in order to redistribute the lot. It's not just for the failure part that we need to move the Reems. Sometimes you also move the Reems in order to ensure that is a good load distribution. So these are some of the major things about Solidworks validation of the idea of what is harborer actualisation and why it is used and in cloud. All systems that you get by default are multitenant. What you will machines. Of course there are some like IBM and Oracle which provide physical machines if you want but most of them by default are too much on machines and by default all these virtual machines that might be going into it. So keep these words in mind. We are getting a VM. The VM is cardless an instance in Amazon which you will learn later. And you are getting a be going into VM as a device. This is very important. Understanding subtle rationalization is a very very important step in going forward. In the cloud in understanding certain things which happen in the clock. So hope you have a good idea of this. If not go through this again and the standard deeply you need to read certain papers please do read it but ensure you have a good grade upon several racialization. Thank.