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Oracle Database Cloud & AWS RDS

04:19:01 of on-demand video • Updated February 2018

  • Basics of Cloud computing, Basics of Oracle Database Cloud, AWS RDS
  • Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • AWS RDS Administration
English [Auto] Nothing back. No wonder the next lecture let be doing introductory Dwarka body clock with introducing local computing and how. And that's. This is that's not computing what are the three pillars or how does use relates to Threepio which is office so is platform and infrastructure as a service and be kind. So there is no such noticeable demarcation between these two Peters when it comes to the office from Amazon Lefsetz is that since Amazon's cloud computing the next level of BTs which is about are people you the same thing that we did. And so services just trying to understand how our Does the offerings from our perspective let us know we want to do the RPE clout it just plug or call and see what. OK. OK. And now it got dark call and are different the fake in the Amazon. So it's just really not have to get the monkey off the creepy software as a service platform as a service and intrinsic to the service. And you also see things like you have Simon link also you have a chat assistant we give it to you which would along with anything that you would need to talk to and understand about the Arctic offerings. And interesting he would love to see you have by now working at it for free. This is what people use when we try to send it for $300 free credit and that will be followed in our next election. We concentrate on our discussions. For now we really concentrate on these issues too or is it creepy or is it just selfless service. Blasphemous themselves. And it says let's talk. Talk to us and see what we have in place. So we have thought of this and this which gives you the definition as we said it's true. So we have software that was which gives you the definition as we saw earlier about applications completely invalid and you don't bother. There it is who's to. What is that line up. Data from an application perspective from a database. And we can explore further. Looking at you could see that there is a bunch of flower related applications for customer experience. One is for human capital management. You have similar things for ERP. I see asphalt splitting laugh and in the analytics and also into the industry. If you scroll up you will see that there are several helpers. There are thousand plus applications that be used for several hours and many of them are currently useless. But in essence what this means is that you have actually a different set of offerings here. So the customer experience often is mostly to do with marketing sales. How you actually gain more confidence from the customers. How about loyalty programs e-commerce sense when they come to see em come down and you see that you have talent passion. What a lot of Snackman for optimizing and employable life solutions. And if you are a company who will meet any of these requirements obviously in general any organization would need a human capital management system and sort of hiring people in Goni and you can offer these details. Internally you could actually offer these offerings to the club provider like the ERP if come down you will see that you have aquatinted and financials revenue management accounting management similar to your business. One thing that I like to mention at this point is our e-business is not offered as software as a service offline but rather the Fusion middleware project if you see project or if you see it as Project it's something that has been offered under the law of the systems and also is very cost these other offerings from the software as a service perspective. It comes to supply management. You have inventory management logistics maintenance manufacturing management would be at price performance management and you will be with reconciliation and price performance reporting and so on and so forth. This you will see that there are a bunch of rich set of features in this space that already has been offered and much more beyond what is on the surface. So in the sense that you have the issue between the different solutions that is required. As for the need and also if you go with the industry you will be able to correlate that industry specific solutions that cater to multiple work begins with communication retail the education financial financial services or industry manufacturing and so on and so forth. So that gives us a glimpse of what software as a service is from our perspective. The next thing that I would be certain is to jump onto platform as a service so they would actually navigate to platforms themselves here and in here I see that platform as a service as a different set of offerings. So I switch on the platform as a service and see what are the key capabilities that I have platform as a service perspective for the solutions. I will be able to see a bunch of solutions here that would cater to your applications. It doesn't give me a clear answer about that. So I would call the services and see what are the different set of services that are available under the umbrella all or the cloud so since you have data management for the databases are multiple databases This is in the cloud application that opened in the form of job hunting or service or maybe any other related application level and that you would need in the cloud service to read between multiple systems within the cloud compromise and across plug then you have business analytics or business intelligence you have security management content and experience all part of the platform. A service. You know be able to appreciate the fact that some of these offerings do exist in Amazon Web Services but not really categorized under platforms. So that's something that you can recall. Some of them are separately entering the section and so on. So and then the other side is that they also have seen their services and it's up to us to see and choose the best of breed. That would be of interest to our end customers. We are actually so focused on data management and application. If I were being mentioned I would be able to see that I have data base. It is better. I have big data in the cloud and that even help for optics even processing of streaming data and I have my simple database of data of the new announcement and that is the our homes data warehouse club. All these would come under the umbrella of the idea that you go back platform. If I go back to Kleffel and souces I went to the Eastern with an application and I would be able to see things like Java application container and then by chapbooks and we shall deliver a platform. Blotching or cloud services messaging luxo this as well. So you'll be able to appreciate the fact that the elastic being stock offering has on the services side of the application service that are being offered here and you have beyond that which is to create your own applications in Java if your kids are cloud services and much more using the mobile and platforms. Now the infrastructure as a service if you pay platform as a service and apparently you get some is in the form of data management and application development. Now lets look at infrastructure as a service. If I would interested so's I can come here and see that there are a bunch of solutions and services that will cater to your needs. So lets see what the concept is I am able to see that you have compute. You also have this some looking under some of those is than the end of next. DP Its about platforms to service and infrastructure as a service. If compu storage and you have networking and you to have governance in the form of identity and asset management and you have databus which is a platform as a service you should not be looking at this at this point. But under infrastructure so it would be flat for a year and then you would have things like dinners. So I was just happy. Just like dockworkers humidities and Foskett to kind of between your compromise and learning across the key things that should be of interest to you from an atheist perspective. Compu storage networking then load balancing and also the content is that Foskett these are the things that you should be. Now let's delve deep into computer and just to you. It's generally called as articulate. See this is the cloud interceptor within the cloud infrastructure. There are two set of offerings that are the offers. One is the cloud infrastructure. That is the next generation to generation. Do they all is it their souls they have their senses their senses. You have machines that can be applied to the many instances and this is something similar to war Amazon offers and of Amazon PPC Amazon or for private cloud kind of networking is what you would get in the article of infrastructure. But beyond that it also gives you the capability to which lies you are to reach requirements and also to utilize your requirements at a place that is about the nature of the hardware which is that what differentiates the archipelago infrastructure. Then you want to have it written one you just call the cloud infrastructure plus it is easier to control infrastructure and if you go to other infrastructure services you will be able to see that you have all of the cloud infrastructure Classic which is again haven't seen the features with this computer storage networking. And then you have container services for your doctors. Q That is your first prospect for connectivity between your own demise and netbooks. The thing that differentiate between the all the cloud infrastructure classic and the cloud infrastructure is nothing but the way in which they have architected the dead for center within the center. And now of course since we are the Arkie cloud we really don't see this because that cloud infrastructure plastic and cloud infrastructure and trying to understand the difference between the Arkie cloud infrastructure policy and the cloud infrastructure. So that brings us to the discussion around the infrastructure of that front. So to summarize we look at the offerings from all of the applications with malicious software as a service platform which is platform as a service you get data management and application level. And we also look at the cloud infrastructure in general you do also all that infrastructure and other infrastructure services. Paid the generation one that just the cloud infrastructure Plavsic And you also have another offering here is called as cloud a customer. This is not something that adds on themselves either. So what does a lot of customer cloud a customer. Well in order to close those data will be to said essentially that all the equipment that everything will get deployed into the data center of your choice which is my business and your customer and we will manage everything. What you asked they would do it in the on the set. Only difference is that it gets applied to the customer data center and that gives our printing more data privacy on I the problems related to privacy issues in case one particular customer has a particular issue with regards to one particular application. So thats about the cloud customer. So I would like to summarize here. The purpose of this service platform service and then infrastructure as a service and within that radius flavors of infrastructure as a service and this is all of our people. This was some nice discussion at our public club. Thank you for watching this review and I'll see you in the next lecture.