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English [Auto] All right before we start now with attitude I wanted to read your attitude right now. Like on a scale from 1 to 10 where do you consider yourself being right now. Are you one. Are you 10. Are you five six seven Where are you right now. Now that you know where you are. Define where you wanna go. Define where you want to go today and define where you want to go. In one week all right. And here we get started. We can get started now with the life level. So really the big topics that you can apply always in your life is almost like the big values that you should live by. You know the rules that helps you. Then with all of the other ones I'm gonna give you five concrete techniques of how to do this. Number one and most important of all of them purpose. You got to define your purpose right now. I don't care if you think oh it's such a big decision. I cannot just take it in a few seconds. I don't care. Think of one two or three things the big topics that you want to you know get done in this life. And if you can't think of anything. Do the things you want to help somebody is not just about money. It's not just about I want to live the lifestyle of X Y Z. Purpose is something bigger than money purpose purpose is something that can drive you that you know if you said you had nothing but you want to achieve one thing for others to makes things better. You know to give to others that is the purpose and I want you to define this right now. Take a few seconds only it doesn't have to be you know the most eloquent plan here right now. Just write down to three topics that this is your purpose right now all right. Now once you have your purpose defined it's important to be not thrown off track. Now what I've told you before for confidence is very very important here as well. Which means that you want to do what you say because again this is not just going to influence your confidence but also your attitude in life. SUPER SUPER important. Number three. You want to be busy people think oh I just need to be busy I just need to be in this motivation no wrong you need something that keeps you going when you're not motivated because the purpose here is to have habits daily habits you need daily habits you need every day I do X Y Z me for example right now to make this work I make everyday a video it doesn't matter if I like it or not right. So I have a video a day as my daily habits I also have a write a blog a day and this is so much more powerful when you think you cannot go any more well this is amazing tried out it's going to be super super positive for you. Now speaking of being super super positive make it your goal in life to never ever complain. In fact I have a colleague at work right now who didn't get a promotion that this person hoped he or she would get. And it's like really you know she is really or he is really getting onto it by saying well you know this is unfair and this system is wrong and my managers and you know whatever it is I understand her and just probably right on many points but it doesn't matter. She cannot get anywhere in life if she keeps complaining now it's out there it's a she doesn't matter right. You don't want be anybody who is complaining that means just don't ever complain. Simple right but now he has it go out today and make sure that to day you do not complain a single time about a single thing or a single person and you will be surprised that is actually quite difficult now speaking of difficult setbacks happen and when they happen it's important that you just don't say Ah it wasn't maybe right. Maybe it wasn't the thing for me. I cannot in this complaining thing it comes in here again. You want to use setbacks to spur you to to improve you okay. One out of five points I just gave you. Help you remember if not write them down. Go back to the video right now. Very very important this is. I don't give you a lot of attitude and in-game stuff but this stuff is sick and if you live by D your whole life will turn around. It's unbelievable.