Why is Lighting Important for Cinematography?

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English [Auto] Let's talk about lighting Why is it important knowing how to live properly is such a commonly overlooked skill. Probably because when the lighting is good it goes unnoticed. The scene just looks like a quality scene and you just sink into the content. But when the lighting is bad it definitely goes. Notice people will notice the low production quality immediately and be less trusting in your video. If I were to have really poor lighting like this while trying to explain a professional concept to you you'll feel that way I'm less inclined to trust me as opposed to good lighting good lighting shows that the company or person has put time or money into their delivery. Lighting can also be used to set the entire mood of a scene from high contrast the style of lighting for suspense to fantasy dreamlike lighting to happy and bright lighting changing your lighting set up or even just changing the angle of your camera to get different lighting can affect your entire shot. This is why lighting properly is about lighting purposefully and Lassally good lighting saves you time in editing later. You will thank yourself the worse your lighting is the more time you get to spend editing later boosting the exposure and popping out the shadows and changing the color temperature and all that it's just going to waste your time because it's still going to come out subpar. So in this section we're going to be talking about shooting with outdoor light versus shooting with indoor light shooting in low light and even white balance and color temperature. Let's do it.