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Learning Cinema 4D Lite For After Effects

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English [Auto] I'm going to explain what cinema for the light is all about. Cinema for me is a 3D modeling and animation product from Max on a company based in Germany. It's an industry leading product used in production studios worldwide in and many feature films. It has a long history. It was created in 1991 for use on Amiga personal computers and back then Amiga computers were considered to be graphic powerhouses. Now it comes in for retail versions plus the one we're going to work with here Sinema for the light. Those four versions are cinamon 40 studio broadcast visualise and Pryme studio is the top of the line it retails for thirty seven hundred dollars. Broadcast has fewer features that retails for about $7500 visualizes geared to architects So it's not used in a production studio environment and Prime is the entry level product that retails for about a thousand dollars. Cinema for the light is sort of like prime but it's missing some of the prime features you might want to call it subprime. Here's a product comparison chart that I included inside the working files assets folder. If you got on it you'll see the light is on the right side and Prime is on the left and those are really the two products that you want to compare at this point. And for the most part the missing elements here you don't see a black dot but you do see a green one there not necessarily that significant. For the most part Ms scroll down a bit though is Page 2. You see we're missing the motion in the Morfe cameras here. Not that big of a deal but here's some fun elements modeling tools. You get some modeling tools with pride but not all of them. So you have an asterisk here saying that you're getting only for modeling tools rather than all those guys under the formas you get 8 out of that group there so you don't get the whole group. Then this displacement collision camera other things here and all the modeling tools you don't get any of those inside the light version. You don't get some of these specialized shaders inside that light version. You don't get any U.V. editing features in the light version. U.V. is a way to create an appearance on the surface of a 3D model. There are a few other missing elements but the biggest one is down here little bit farther right here under character animation tools or all sorts of character animation tools inside Primum there are none inside light. So as you ramp up your skills you may kind of notice that this thing is missing and you might want to work with that. There are a couple of things that are included inside the light version that are not included in prime. It's called the fracture object here and the effectors. Now the fact your object lets you split up elements into constituent parts and then kind of have them behave as one unit plus behave independently of just pretty cool. Then there are factors for all kinds of things to make things behave in certain ways but there are only two that come with the light version. That's the so-called plain and random effectors. Nonetheless they give you a taste for what these guys can do. So yes light is not equal to prime the regular entry level product for cinema 4D But light is full of great 3D features and you're going to be able to use it to create some really cool looking 3D projects.