The History of Healing with Crystals

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Learn about the history of healing with crystals back to Sumerian times and look at how it has changed throughout history making a rebirth this century.

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English [Auto] The history of healing with crystals the use of crystals dates all the way back over 26000 years ago to Atlantis. But in ancient Sumerian times some 6000 years ago they believed that crystals had fallen from the heavens as gifts from their ancestors. They weren't far off the mark as all the particles that make up matter once originated from old stars when the stars exploded their atoms and particles were scattered throughout the universe and formed as new stars and planets people who carried war or used crystals believed that they would be filled with some of the power belonging to the spiritual realms though they often used the precious stones for jewelry and cosmetics. They also used them for protection and health purposes such as the use of topaz for purging evil spirits. The ancient Egyptian priests and pharaohs wore turquoise for fertility life and joy crystals were used then much as they are now to show status. I think a huge diamond ring. And as a tool for magical healing and alchemical energies the word Crystal comes from the Greek word for ice due to the belief that Clay Cortes was water so deeply frozen it would remain forever solid. Many other popular crystals also have names of Greek origin for example Amethyst meaning not drunken was carried or born to prevent drunkenness. Greek soldiers were also known to associate iron with the god Mars and they would wrap themselves in hematite before going into battle believing it would make them better warriors as well as playing a central role in the above cultures. Crystals have also played a part in a number of religions and faiths and have been mentioned in both the Bible and Koran in the Koran. The fourth heaven is described as being completely composed of Karnit the cow poetry which represents an offering to the gods. In Hindu Islam is said to be made entirely of precious stone and a Buddhist teks described a diamond throne near to the tree of knowledge. Before the advent of World Wide exploration and travel most civilizations would have been isolated and unaware of the practices of other far away civilizations. Interestingly the use and purpose of crystals seems to have transcended geological boundaries. For instance it is thought that the ancient Chinese Aztec and Mahan's civilizations all used Jade as a stone for healing the kidney without the knowledge that anyone else was using it for the same reason. During the Renaissance period in Europe which began in the eleventh century precious and semiprecious stones were used alongside herbal remedies to heal the sick but fell out of popularity in the 16:00 as a New Age dawned in the 1980s and the use of crystals and gemstones in healing began to regain popularity. Much of the modern day practice is drawn from the old ancient methods and adapted to suit our time. Now that we have more information about how to channel the positive effects of crystals within the body.