The Queen of Air Crystal Fairy

Tania Magdalene
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Professional Crystal Healing Course With The Crystal Fairies

Reconnect with the magical Kingdom of the Crystals and the Crystal Fairies,learn how to offer paid for healings/readings

03:00:56 of on-demand video • Updated June 2020

  • You will learn how to run Crystal Healings with the Crystal Fairies for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • You will learn how to run Crystal Fairy grids on yourself, your clients and your home
  • In addition to being able to offer Crystal Healings you will be able to offer paid for readings as a Crystal Fairy Card reader, 2 skills for the price of 1 course !
  • Experience a reconnection to the magical Fairy and Crystal Kingdoms
  • You will be able to run a healing grid on yourself or others
  • You will receive instruction on how to template your home or space in connection to the Fairy Realm
  • Connect with 24 Crystal Fairies and 4 Master Elemental beings through the cards which are uniquely designed for this course
  • You will be able to provide different readings for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • You will be able to provide present, medium term and future guidance through the cards.
English [Auto] The queen of Kristal's key qualities upshot Chris enlightenment higher consciousness psychic gifts and talents the queen of the air Crystal Ferris is a very powerful being. She brings the power of the air. The tornado winds to literally lift you up lift you out of the lower three chakras and the old three to you to lift and connect you through your heart to the upper three Schacht Chris and to your spiritual self. She works with the crystal fairies who activate and empower your higher chakras reconnecting you with your psyche through heart mastery. She oversees with balance your journey to higher consciousness making sure that you only experience what you can cope with as your psyche opens your key to mastery is through the heart chakra which is the master chakra. It delegates the oneness of all the other SHAC Chris and connects us with the heart of the earth and the energy of Gaia. If you have chosen this car today if you have connected with the energy of the Queen of the crystals then be prepared to be blown off your feet. Big change is afoot and it might come in a way that you were not expecting. Her energy is here to create a massive clearance and your life to blow away the dead wood to clear the path for you to literally breathe a new. This energy is a blessing and the journey to find the blessing might not be as easy as you would hope. In order for change to happen something has to shift and you may find your whole life gets thrown up in the air so that only the important bits land remain. This would not be happening if there was not a higher purpose to it and for you it is about realizing your soul path taking a new step to a new way of being your psyche and Upshot shot across the throat. Third eye and Crown are all refining and starting to work in a new way. You are being tricked to reawaken your spiritual self and to live your life in higher consciousness as your third eye especially is being triggered to open. You may experience a dull pain in the center of your forehead. Don't worry it's just that energy center working in a way it has forgotten in many years. You may start to see sparkles of light at the corner of your eyes when you are awake and you may start to see colors when you close your eyes to meditate the external sparkles then may change to colored lights and then your psyche opens to whatever realms and dimensions you are meant to experience. We don't all experience the same dimensions and realms as our psyche opens. Some who have always been drawn to the fairy kingdom will find that they start to see that round first and those who have always felt a heart connection to the angelic realm will experience those realms first. Either way it is a very exciting time and a journey of discovery is blowing your way. Enjoy.