The Crystal Fairy Circle Meditation

Tania Magdalene
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Professional Crystal Healing Course With The Crystal Fairies

Reconnect with the magical Kingdom of the Crystals and the Crystal Fairies,learn how to offer paid for healings/readings

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  • You will learn how to run Crystal Healings with the Crystal Fairies for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • You will learn how to run Crystal Fairy grids on yourself, your clients and your home
  • In addition to being able to offer Crystal Healings you will be able to offer paid for readings as a Crystal Fairy Card reader, 2 skills for the price of 1 course !
  • Experience a reconnection to the magical Fairy and Crystal Kingdoms
  • You will be able to run a healing grid on yourself or others
  • You will receive instruction on how to template your home or space in connection to the Fairy Realm
  • Connect with 24 Crystal Fairies and 4 Master Elemental beings through the cards which are uniquely designed for this course
  • You will be able to provide different readings for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • You will be able to provide present, medium term and future guidance through the cards.
English [Auto] The Crystal Fairy circle meditation you can do this connection meditation whenever you feel drawn to to prepare for this meditation. Find a comfy place to sit either on the floor in the garden or a green place. Firstly white like the cards to clear them. To do this you will take your cards in one hand and with the other you will imagine you are pulling a beautiful white purifying light from the center of the earth and you will pull it up and threw the cards you will see sense and feel the light. Clearing the cards and lifting any old energy from them and you will lift this light and energy then up towards the sky and see it going out into the universe. If you haven't managed to print the cards out look at the images in your notes and see sense and feel the cards as if they are real coming into form the circle around you. Next place all the Crystal Fairy cards in a circle around you. It doesn't matter which order they are in or which direction you are facing. However make sure all the cards are face up and the feet and of the Crystal Fairy is facing you. Then close your eyes and breathe the air of nature deeply into your being as you breathe out. Feel yourself releasing ALL CAPS thoughts and worries into the wind keep breathing feel the energy of the fairy ring around you start to come alive. Feel the crystal fairies step out of their carts as they stand up and smile at you. Saw them all laughing. Some are dancing see them join hands around you to create a circle of protective crystalline fairy energy around you. They start to move the Circle of Energy as they walk round and round. Round and round they go you feel a beautiful crystalline white light and your heart starts to shine. As your heart center opens and you send out love and joy to the fairy ring you feel your beautiful Charles like nature start to reawaken and you smile at the full you feel the joy of being carefree and so so happy the light and your heart shines throughout your whole being and out into the energy of the fairy ring connecting you with their magical vibrations the fairy ring energy is full of rainbow colors so bright they take your breath away. Allow the crystalline rainbow light from the ring to enter into your energy fields and feel it coming into every cell and atom of your body. Hold the energy and bathe in the emotion of joy fill your heart and soul full of joy. Joy is as much given to you by the crystal fairies as you are feeling for them you have made every connection to them that can never be broken. When you feel the energies start to subside in your body the energy circle and the dance starts to slow down. As it slows I ask for one of the crystal fairies to share a message with you see the circle of fairies dancing stop and stand still feel that energy still with you as the meditation circle dance completes. No you can come back here and be with them when ever you like feel your feet. Connecting with the ground beneath your feet feel your feet growing roots down into the earth beneath ground you back into the present reality. Open your eyes when you are ready. Run your finger around the circle of cards and stop at the first one you feel drawn to. Read the meaning for the card to receive your message. Collect up the cards and either white light then or sage them by burning a little piece of sate and holding them over the smoke put them into a called bag or cover with a nice cloth.