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Professional Crystal Healing Course With The Crystal Fairies

Reconnect with the magical Kingdom of the Crystals and the Crystal Fairies,learn how to offer paid for healings/readings

03:00:56 of on-demand video • Updated June 2020

  • You will learn how to run Crystal Healings with the Crystal Fairies for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • You will learn how to run Crystal Fairy grids on yourself, your clients and your home
  • In addition to being able to offer Crystal Healings you will be able to offer paid for readings as a Crystal Fairy Card reader, 2 skills for the price of 1 course !
  • Experience a reconnection to the magical Fairy and Crystal Kingdoms
  • You will be able to run a healing grid on yourself or others
  • You will receive instruction on how to template your home or space in connection to the Fairy Realm
  • Connect with 24 Crystal Fairies and 4 Master Elemental beings through the cards which are uniquely designed for this course
  • You will be able to provide different readings for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • You will be able to provide present, medium term and future guidance through the cards.
English [Auto] Lady Gaga key qualities creation rebirth. Emerald Ray divine feminine about Lady Gaia mother earth guardian of the Emerald Crystal nurture of life holder of the creative principle guy is honored and revered for her guardianship and creation of life. She holds the balance of life on Earth in her hands maintaining and sustaining the life force on earth so that all may live here. She watches over the elements of water the elements of the air the elements of the fire and the elements of the earth without her guardianship and direction. Life would not exist Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life. The primal Mother Earth Goddess and like the master she is as with every mother. She has the ability to direct energy where it is needed to support the planet to support life. She is the guardian of the Emerald crystal which sits at the core of the earth vibrating the frequency of love into the world and into the heart chakra of humanity. When your heart chakra is glowing at optimum frequency it is matching the emerald heart of the earth and her vibration. If you have chosen this call today at this time you may be birthing a new reality a new venture a new life even considering having a baby lady guys. Energy comes through to support you to birth that new creation. She holds the keys to creation with n and her energy is a good omen when it turns up in a reading you may have been experiencing writer's block which has left you feeling frustrated in your creation process and her energy comes through. Like a mother's calming nature to soothe your worries and to help you feel a sense of peace so that you can think from a place of frustration. We stay in our mental plane but in order to create we need to be in our heart so she brings the energy of wisdom and calm with her compassion to help you shift back into your heart. You may have been experiencing problems with relationships of late whether that is of a physical family or work nature which has disconnected you from the emotion of love Lady guy or gods the emerald crystal at the center of the earth which vibrates the emerald ray of love into the hearts of all living beings. She comes to you today to remind you that you are loved and that you are worthy to feel love and to be loved. You may have suffered emotional wounding right back to your childhood and you are still carrying that pain deep in your heart. Lady Guyer comes through to help you to release that pain to forgive the past so that you can move forward in your life. You may feel tearful after her energy touches you but tears heal. It is the pain that is washing away as you cry. You may be being called to embrace more of your feminine nature the Divine Feminine within as a man you may be out of balance with that side of yourself and guys energy connects you to your psyche your emotional body your creativity and your nurturing qualities as a woman her energy sometimes comes through when you are too much and you're floating around on the ground in the world and her energy comes through to ground you back into the present and into the earth. So often for spiritual work is especially floating off into the other realms feels much better than being here. But we came here to bring that spiritual energy into the physical. So we must be conscious of being present in all we do. Her energy is connecting heaven with earth and she supports you in your role to do that too. We want to be on a quarterly A to a few A A A A.