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Angel Oracle Card Reader Course; Become the Oracle

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  • You will be able to provide 8 different readings for yourself, friends, family or clients
  • You will develop an awareness of Buddha/Christ Consciousness
  • You will connect with 22 Archangels and Angels and understand what each one brings energetically to you
  • You will be able to provide present, medium term and future guidance through the cards.
  • You will be able to offer paid for readings as an Angel Oracle Card reader
  • You will be connected with and aware of the 22 aspects of Christ/Buddha Consciousness
  • You will understand the significance of reconnecting the 22 strand dna which enlightened Masters acheive
  • You will learn about the ancient wisdom and history of the job of the Oracle, a wise priestess who was venerated by all who sought her spiritual knowledge.
  • You will learn how to become the Oracle yourself
English [Auto] What are Oracle Cards Oracle cards are an ancient way to connect with divine guidance. It's impossible to make a mistake when using Oracle cards because they operate within the law of attraction. This means that your questions all those of the person you're doing the reading for will always attract the perfect cards for you as answers each one you pull will exactly match the vibration of the question. The Oracle has its history in classical antiquity and Oracle was a person considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precook notion of the future inspired by the gods. The Greek Empire in ninth century B.C. until six hundred eighty extended through Italy Turkey Albania and even into parts of Egypt. It was huge. They built temples dedicated to their gods and to each temple they built a building they called the oracle. The Oracle was the place where the person who was chosen to be the Oracle as a person was housed. Sometimes these were underground. Here is a picture of the sacred temple of Apollo did him in Turkey. It is located at the end of the Sacred Way which was built from the ancient city of mellitus and then down to did ima. People would make a pilgrimage to come to this sacred place to consult the oracle. The Oracle as I previously said was a priestess with gifts of prophecy. They were thought to be channels through which the gods spoke directly to the people and the image you can see in front of you is the view from above looking down on the Temple of Apollo as it looks today in ruins. The interior of this temple called the additon measures 53 metres by 21 metres. The interior walls were originally more than 22 metres high. This Arterton was and still is open to the sky. The priests would have received the requests of the worshippers at the top of the stairs in the Oracle room. As you can see in the diagram and would have descended the stairs into the courtyard they added additon and would have proceeded to the actual Temple of Apollo which was a very small building at the bottom there. If you look in the diagram that was situated in this courtyard the nice course which was the name given was the actual Temple of Apollo. The small building which was rude and measured 14 metres by eight metres. The nice cost contained a statue of Apollo and the sacred spring. The water was the source of the oracles power. It was there that the priestess the Oracle received her revelations that in turn were delivered to and interpreted by priests for those who were consulting her the priest would have returned to the Oracle room to deliver the answer to the Inquirer the oracles powers are highly sought after and never doubted any inconsistences between prophecies and events were dismissed as failure to correctly interpret their responses and we're not see as an error of the Oracle herself. The tempo was changed to a center for the worship of Apollo during the classical period of Greece and priests were added to the temple organization although the tradition regarding prophesy remained unchanged and the priestesses continued to provide the services of the Oracle exclusively. It is from this institution that the English word Oracle is derived. The Peiffer here was the name of one of the high priestesses of the Temple of Apollo Delfi. She also served as the oracle and she was commonly known as the oracle of Delfi distinctively this female was essentially the highest authority both civilly and religiously in male dominated ancient Greece. She responded to the questions of citizens foreigners kings and philosophers on issues of political impact war duty crime laws and even personal issues. The name Panthea is derived from Python which in myth was the original name of Delfi PI theah was the house of snakes and the spiritual significance of that relates to someone who uses that kundalini energy to reach high levels of consciousness and that subject has a whole course about it. Interestingly some of you may remember a lifetime where you were consulted for your wisdom and spiritual gifts. It is my belief that if you are drawn to a spiritual path that you have walked this path in every incarnation that you have had and that reading the above description may have awakened something new in you. Fascinatingly for me about six years ago having spent my whole life in England I decided to buy a holiday home somewhere warm where it didn't rain all summer. You will know what I mean. If you are English I ended up buying a flat in this exact location did him. I had no idea at all. At the time of its spiritual significance the energy here is incredible. And some of the music that you will hear in the lectures was recorded in the temple chambers of me singing. So in the same way that people travelled to consult the oracle you will learn to be the Oracle yourself. You will learn to connect your energy with the energy of the Oracle cards and you will become a conduit for spiritual guidance wisdom and knowledge.