CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer - Curriculum

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CCA 175 - Spark and Hadoop Developer - Python (pyspark)

Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer using Python as Programming Language

17:42:16 of on-demand video • Updated June 2021

  • Entire curriculum of CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • HDFS Commands
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Core Spark - Transformations and Actions
  • Spark SQL and Data Frames
English [Auto] Hello, this is the guy from Iowa City. This is a introduction of one of the most popular certification in space and how to build upon the agenda of this session will be introduction about the certification, learning objectives, introduction to Spock, which is a major component of the certification retention plan and resources. The certification is conducted by Florida, which provides one of the most valuable data should be called KDDI hits global distribution of the chain names like Data Hub and Enterprise Data Platform US, something like that. So they have several products within that ecosystem. The certification request with respect to fog is full of hype. It is a scenario that you as many as eight to 12 scenarios and at diplomatic time and you have to get at least 20 percent correct out of this technology. Scoop is command oriented. So you need to have a deep understanding of what scope commands to get data from database to look at his DFS and vice versa. And then Fassbach request programming skills, you have to tune in to Muscala if you are comfortable with both and equally adept, you can do whatever programming language you want for a given exclusively the work. And it is not mandatory to provide solution with one approach or another because they only evaluate those. They don't check on the quality of the. How you or whether you are using their faith or not. So even though it is done, that ceases to be a lot of expectation and those skills are highly desired. But they do not see whether you have evidence based in Colorado school gunman for a given public statement. They don't look at the only evaluating that's. So this is the link of a stock certification. And the the learning objectives are broadly categorized into that in just which means to get their to be efforts from databases like my equal update, consultations on the data and then police, you should be able to write queries all required. So these are the things they have highlighted as part of the learning on the news. And from here, I have picked up the technologies you need to be prepared and I have prepared the preparation plan. And let's get into those details, once I knew brief introduction because the major components for the certification process, almost 70 percent of the questions can be answered using a park based approach. If you have a good park and I just want to highlight a few things that would spark spark. And I think what is good at crossing them it bunch of APIs to settle distributed policy. Many people think that spark the programming language. It is not the case. You can use the scale of Java to invoke with APIs to leverage the distributed computing framework. OK, Sparkle's, they have higher level modules such as Particle, that Offense and Malim, etc., for the certification perspective we are, we need to focus on Sparkle, habeas corpus, transformation's and access spox equal under offense and with some basic understanding of streaming media. Of the questions from citizens. Fact can be answered using spok the programming language that escalope them. But there are there can be a few questions which can be answered with a quick turnaround time by using technologies like school. So make sure you understand those technologies are tools that. But. Now, the plan. Make sure you understand basic DFS comments to copy that, I need to have the first one local filesystem and vice versa. Learn how to more than a million little databases and the office using scoop, you have to do the programming language and you have to, especially with programming skills, with respect to functions, lambda functions, etc. You need to be familiar with collections. You need to explore that if you bite them as a programming language means if you already have learned python pandas, it will be natural question for you to explore that offensive in. So if you have quite the knowledge, if you're not pandas by the pandas also and the social skills, but using higher because the spots equal either apple on top of height. So if you know how you can extend their capabilities to those high queries as part of context and get results much faster. So this is very, very important. And then if you know how to develop applications, applications using called as access, you also know how to integrate spots equal. And the defense will start with applications and also understand spots streaming in tandem with woman Casper and all this particular stuff that has to be done either with Pythonesque programming language, ascalon programming language. If you are very comfortable with DAFWA and if you don't want this to offer one seven before you can even answer the questions using Java also. Now, currently, sources close to the where something called the QuickStart William, it is free, you need to set up a tool box of Youngsville, few of them on Mac, or we will descend on Linux and open up the Florida QuickStart image. It will come with all the tools that are required in its inevitable mission. But it requires high end laptop, 60 Lib-Lab. And even if you have a high end laptop at times you might run into a the spectrum resources, but it's a good, good place to start. And then if you don't have a laptop, if you don't mind spending some money to actually work on a group laptop us, we provide something that allows for us. And these are the plans that people understand. Dollar for 92 days and fifty four point eighty five. This is highly economical. We support using this because nobody wants to talk in case of any technical issues with this particular. It's a multilayered after we help them out with the pantry to them and the aid calls on each of them. You can access from anywhere as long as you have Internet, you have to access the Internet. There are pre-built and others. And if it's a military certification environment, so these are the advantages which you will get by being a highly competitive price of 49 to 41 days. That's what makes this online today. Centerfold almost 90 percent for what I do for this.