CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer - Curriculum

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CCA 175 - Spark and Hadoop Developer - Python (pyspark)

Cloudera Certified Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer using Python as Programming Language

22:46:43 of on-demand video • Updated April 2020

  • Entire curriculum of CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer
  • Apache Sqoop
  • HDFS Commands
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Core Spark - Transformations and Actions
  • Spark SQL and Data Frames
  • Streaming analytics using Kafka, Flume and Spark Streaming
English [Auto] I love my city and this is an election for one of the most Bartlow certification in the States which is just fucking hard to build up enough of the session will be introduction of this. Focus on learning how to get girls into action. We get the media pumping up this application depression plan and resources. This application is conducted by cloner which provides one of the most popular. Big Should be fun call CDH global membership in some of the chain names like Hubbard and top of that platform. Something like that. So they have several products within the system this application Quest guilds that respect the scoops. It's a lot of hype. It is not your base do you. As many as eight to 12 years. And the demos that we can from any help get at least one person out of this economic school can handle the Internet. So you need to have a deep understanding of what school commenced again. There are some lessons that I'm to her who are in India and vice versa. And that's a start. It's a quest programming skills. You have to truly you know I don't ask lot if you are comfortable with both and equally or that you can do whatever programming language you want for a given course as still is a quite and it is not mandatory to provide solution with one or both or the other because they only evaluate those. They don't check the quality of the or how you do whether you are using like it or not. So even though it is dumbass's park and her build up of application and those skills are highly divided. But that market see how we can spark debate in court could come and given some statement they're going to get to they were only about a year ago. That's so this is the League of Cities as a sports certification and the learning objectives so broadly categorised into that I'm just. Which means to get to into the FS from databases like my sequel Uplay transmission's on the. And then later you'll be able to make really sounds like quite. So these other things they have highlighted as part of the lining up to send from here. I hope the Malis unit will be prepared and I have prepared the position black and let's get into those because once I get into those numbers because part of the middle compering for the certification are profitable for us else. Almost 70 percent of the questions can be answered using this approach. If you have a good S-box flat I just want to highlight a few things that will spark spark I think what this reporting in the one. Yes. And then the similar process. Many people think that sparking the programming language is not the case. You can use the cloud Python of Java walks far beyond it. Yes well let that be submitted computing framework OK. Sparkle's the whole higher level models such as particular offense amily better for the suffocating perspective who we are. We need to focus on Sparkle abs Cornus transformations and access spots equal under defense and with some basic understanding of pouched winning majority of the questions from on sound effects can be unsightly. You can spot the programming language that is callup item but that there can be few places which can be answered with stand alone time. But you think that what is next for. So make sure you understand those technologies are pulls out the no compression plan. Make sure you understand basic NTFS commands to copy that book the FS from local phone system and with lots of learn how to motivate and listen a lot of us and in the office in school you have to do that for very live with them but also recession with programming skills that aspect of fun filled slammed up on phones etc. you'll need the same low intelligence. You need to explore that difference if you like them. As a programming language math is always employed by Time Bandits. It will be natural gas and for you to export the same thing in Sparke also safer if you outfight the knowledge if you're not honest. But there's also and this is the subject of the hype because Foxey Well you know that a lot of hype. So if you're not high you can extendible compare this to those of Highclere this as part of context and get much faster. So this isn't as important and there is a lot of Dollops made up against it in Budapest far less countenancing than Axel's you also feel more of being against toxic Rylander offense to fly with applications and also understands Poche trimming in tandem with human gaffa And on this particular stuff has to be done either. But the bottom for programming like World of scale of programming language. If you are very comfortable with dollar and if you don't want to allow this book easier on someone before you can answer the questions using Java. Also now have the resources for something called a clone that could start an industry. You need to set up lots of lots of young men few of them back up with available states and online sites and open up the cloner QuickStart image. It will come with all the tools that are required information but it requires high level of security to be the end point. Even if you how high and laughed off at times you might only be fuel through supplementary sources but it's a good place to start. And that you should know how high end laptop body if you don't mind spending some money to actually work on a group. Stop taking it for something called Bing that allows for all of us and the other plants $15 for 31 days that's another for my business and 50 percent on the phone 80 cents. It's highly economical. We support using because don't I. You asked you not come in guess of any technical issues that just pull out you said inaudible after we help them most with the budget will you give them a course on each of them. You can access them anywhere as long as you haven't done that. How did we access the internet. There are pre-built to data sets and if you simplify the self-existing environment so be there one day this bit you will get by by a highly to place of forty nine if I that one is thoughtfulness that's linked to this $54 of 90 percent for what I do for this.