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Life coaches are empathetic guides who offer skilled insight, unconditional support, and expert guidance at every level of a clients transformation.

Life coaches help clients design their future and change things they wish to change.

At the core those in the life coaching profession aim to improve their clients performance by aiding the them in the setting of meaningful goals and addressing barriers in the way of those goals.

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  • How to master communication with yourself
  • Use the material for professional use or as a personal reflective tool
  • Eliminate your self-sabotaging behaviors and thinking
  • How to leverage the science of the mind
  • Succeed in the 'helping industry' by teaching others to gain control over their thoughts and emotions
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  • Help people who are suffering or falling behind
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English As the legend has it or as the story goes when Michelangelo the artist when he was asked by a passerby, an admirer of his work, sir I'm curious . . . how is it possible that you created this sixteen foot tall, this two ton statue of David, and you did it out of one single block of stone. To that Michelangelo replied, I didn't actually create the statue of David. You see I was simply given a single block of stone. I studied that block of stone for a while. I paid attention to it. And as I focused on that single block of stone, I saw the statue of David stuck within. All I had to do as the artist, was to chip away the unwanted and to polish the rough edges, and ultimately reveal the magnificence and the beauty that was already inside. So that story is a truly excellent illustration describing how coaches work with their clients or the framework of a coach client relationship. You see, as a life coach. It's important to remind ourselves that in truth we are never really creating anything in the lives of our clients. As a coach YES of course it's absolutely true that you bring your your real world experience. You bring your personal experience. You bring your training into the coaching relationship. However, the client already has greatness within them. They alone are the experts within their lives. Life coaches, you and I, we spend time listening to. We spend time SEEING our clients . . . and then we're given this really special responsibility of helping that client chip away any rough edges. We provide our clients with the practical strategies for getting unstuck from things that may be holding them back, and we ultimately guide them into a positive future. One that they've created. This is the very framework in which life coaches operate and as a practicing life coach you'll experience that indeed each client's personality is different. Each person has their own unique set of struggles. Each person has their own unique set of dreams and goals, and as a coach it becomes your responsibility to help that client, to help each client that you have, to see and then to reveal their own individual potential. I'll end by saying this. Each person on this earth, each person desires to live free from emotional pain and also to realize their innate potential! Within the framework of a coaching relationship We have this opportunity to help other people experience their own unique transformation. All right, so now that you've heard our take on the Framework of a life coaching relationship . . . in particular that as life coaches one of our main responsibilities is to help the client reveal what they already have inside . . . to reveal their greatness . . . to reveal their goals . . . to reveal a path for achieving their goals. To reveal a path to overcome their fears and their anxieties. It really is important for us the teaching staff to hear from you as the coaching student, the person going through this training. Do you agree with this framework? Do you agree with this illustration of how life coaches interact with their clients? Would you add to this definition? Would you subtract from it? Do you perhaps have a completely different definition or a different illustration of how it is that life coaches interact with their clients? Remember that life coaching is not a mutually exclusive science. So your answer can be just as correct as someone else's answer. And the point of asking you to post your responses to the Q&A tab within this program is so that we can all learn and grow together, and to better understand the true fabric of what it means to help other people achieve their goals. So take a moment and go to the Q&A tab and post a response. Would you accept this as a framework? Would you add to it? Would you detract from it? Supplement it or replace it completely with something else? We look forward to hearing your thoughts ion this topic.