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In this lesson of the Canva for Entrepreneurs course, you'll learn how to design a social media graphic in about 5 minutes! This free-to-use software makes it so easy to quickly design, create, and publish any type of social media graphic in no time.

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  • Create 11 different and practical projects that can be used to help your business or brand.
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English Thanks, Jeremy, I couldn't have explained how to use Canva any better myself. I'm going to show you in this video how to create a great social media graphic in less than five minutes using everything that you have available on Canva. Not uploading any of your own custom graphics but just building it on Canva. So what you're going to do is just click this social media graphic template right there that's going to open up this 800 by 800 pixel wide and tall image great for Instagram Facebook, Twitter, or any social media. Now I just want to find a template that I like and I'm going to be creating a graphic for my sister who bakes a lot. And I think she should start a baking blog and talk about how to bake and maybe even sell her baked goods. I really like this one right here because it gives us some different options in terms of the text. So the first thing I will do is change the background. So I'm just going to click on elements search for cake. We're going to create a graphic for the perfect birthday cake. How to bake the perfect birthday cake. As you can see if I just click and drag this onto that image in the background, it pops in right there. Perfect. Now I add my text. I like that it has different fonts already. I probably would have done that myself so I will say how to bake. Maybe bake capitalized. And then The Craft I'll change to The Perfect. I'll make this smaller by selecting it all and dropping the size down quite a bit. We'll move it down just a bit. Birthday cake. And I'll move this up. Now I'm going to leave this text down here. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. I do not like how the background is dark and so I'm just going to zoom out just a little bit. Select my background picture. Change the filter to normal and just like having it normal and make it a little bit brighter a little bit more contrast. The text is still a little bit too hard to read up there so I'm actually just going to delete these two texts the date and this little line right here. Then I'm going to move all the text down. I still want it to be centered. So I'm just going to make sure that's centered and aligned. It's going to move it down just a little bit. Make sure it's centered and aligned. Something like this looks pretty good. I'm going to double click my image move my cake image a little bit up say OK and then I'm going to add a little background element to make this text pop out even more and add a little bit of color to this. So going to Elements, Shapes, the Square. Just going to make this a little bit smaller. Change the color to something like this red, then I'm also going to put it behind by selecting it and clicking back. So it's behind all the text. Put it across the entire image. And then just make sure I align it so that it's the same width or the same amount of space between the bottom text and the top text. I'm going to drop the opacity or the transparency by selecting it, clicking the dropdown, and going to transparency and dropping down this to something like 50 percent. Maybe I want to add a little. Make it a little bit more fancy. I'm going to make it a little bit bigger and add a couple lines. So I'm going to select lines and let's find something that's a little bit more fancy. I like this one right here. I don't like the color so I'm going to change the color to white. I'm going to make it a little bit bigger. Then center it with the image. Then I'm also going to duplicate this. I'm also going to duplicate it by just selecting it and copying and pasting it so I can press Command + C and then Command + V on my Mac keyboard or on a PC it will be Control + C, Control + V. Then I'm going to rotate selecting the rotate button. Rotate it all the way around. Now move it to the bottom and center it. That's looking pretty darned good. Now the cake is a little bit small so I'm going to make this a little bit bigger and move up just a bit something like so. One thing I don't like about the image is it doesn't pop really even though I change the filter. The transparency is down so select your image click the dropdown transparency going to bring this up all the way so that it's nice and bright. Last thing I have to do is download it. Just click download. There's a couple of options. Image for Web. Image High Quality. PDF. PDF for Print. I choose, JPEG the JPG file. This is a great high quality file. Perfect for sharing online. And there you have it. How to bake the perfect birthday cake. I think that graphic looks pretty delicious. Clickable to me. So that's how you create a quick graphic with There are so many templates and images and graphics that you could use yourself to make it even more customized. But this is just one example of what you can do with Canva. Thanks so much for watching and enjoy the rest of the projects.