All Parts of the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) Exam, Explained

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There are 4 parts of the Cambridge B2 First exam. On exam day you'll complete the Reading and Use of English, Writing, Speaking and Listening exams. Reading and Listening test your ability to really understand English. Speaking and Writing test your ability to communicate clearly and appropriately. "Use of English" is an exam for your understanding of grammar and vocabulary. 

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Cambridge B2 First (FCE) - Preparation Activities and Guide

The best answers to questions about the Cambridge: First exam with materials and activities for your exam preparation.

09:20:00 of on-demand video • Updated January 2019

  • The answers to the most common questions students ask about the First exam
  • Preparation strategies, techniques and activities you can use to prepare for the exam
  • No tricks and tips - everything here takes a bit of work (and produces good results)
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