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  • Learn how to easily find leads using a simple hack
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  • Learn how to easily build strategic partnerships and increase sales
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  • Learn how to easily sell your services with the simple 4 step sales system
English [Auto] In this video we're going to go over how to create your business development plan. We're gonna go through four steps and I'm gonna walk you through each one individually here and we're gonna walk through exactly how you can differentiate yourself how to define your target audience. How did determine your unique mechanism. What were the kind of sets you apart in the marketplace. And then we're gonna go into how you're going to be able to choose your best business development strategy moving forward. So let's go right ahead and jump into this here. You wanted to find your target audience you want to make sure that you know exactly who your ideal customers are exactly who those decision makers are within the organization and if you're going after you know a broad market you want to try to get that as specific as possible because you can go after vertical markets horizontal markets. It's important to understand who your actual ideal customer Avatar is as well because that's where they're going to help you craft a lot of your marketing material. A lot of your sales material and really help you with the business development strategy as far as building those key relationships with the right individuals at the very top as well. And we're going to go over how to build your customer Avatar have an exercise and you can use to really define who exactly is your ideal customer and your actual target audience. Now number two you want to determine your competitive advantage. What makes you different in the marketplace. What do you do. Or can you offer that will set you apart from your competitors. Right. A lot of times what really makes businesses different and unique is being able to go and look at the top players in the marketplace right and looking at what exactly they do. What were the kind of sets them apart and then being able to emulate your product or service a little bit towards what they're currently doing but then changing it and modifying it and adding some of your own unique twist to whatever it is that you're providing right because you don't want to reinvent the wheel unless you have like some sort of app or some kind of SAS product that is unique that is you know that nobody else has in the marketplace and you're trying to get traction that's going to be a little bit different. But for the most part for most businesses that are in the marketplace right they have a competitor out there they have somebody who is at the very top or who is doing pretty well where they can go in find out what they're doing right. As far as their product or service or deliverables and being able to emulate that to an extent but then adding your own twist and unique competitive advantage. So number three determine your unique mechanism now. The difference here between the unique competitive advantage and the unique mechanism is with the unique mechanism your product or service has a unique formula unique characteristic ingredient and you leverage it in your communication with your prospect. So you come up with the secret sauce or something unique about your product and you give it a name right your five step formula for accomplishing X right or your three step process for accomplishing y whatever that may be. So a really good example is like a massage therapist. Okay. This is a very simple example here. A massage therapist that has studied different forms of massaging techniques different therapies and they've combined all these different therapy techniques into their own and they've called it you know the new X Y Z therapy methodology right that they invented but it's a unique mechanism. That's what really sets them apart. And we're going to go through how to determine your unique mechanism. And I'm one of the other lecturers in this course as well so that you can really differentiate yourself not only with your competitive advantage but also with your unique mechanism. So number four here choose your business development strategy. So we went through some of the top business development strategies and the previous lecture in this course our business development strategies. Now we're going to be focusing on our cold e-mail cold calling and direct mail now. This is really centralized around the cold email very very in-depth section on cold e-mail alone. And we have the other sections going over cold calling and direct mail. But the main core business development strategy that this core is really focused on is called e-mail on being able to secure meetings with your ideal prospects and being able to convert those into actual paying customers. So that's going to be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks.