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English [Auto] Hi my name is Angelo Kalevala from the Met a Business Analyst dot com and I wanted to give a quick overview of what it is that a business analyst does and how they relate to the whole project landscape. Now if you're a business analyst you're B.A. right your job cannot exist if there is not a business. Now the business is made up of processes people rules that kind of dictate what the business does and how it operates. Blah blah blah. Now your job as a business analyst is to understand all of these things. Now every once in a while the business wants to change it's usually to make more money or cut cost. Most of the time and this is typically known as an objective business objective. Now your job as a business analyst is to figure out what the business needs in order to meet these objectives. Also known as required required capabilities or requirements these required capabilities come together to create what is known as the solution. Now once the solution is defined you need a way to implement that solution. So then a project gets created when that product gets created you're going to need some folks to actually help make that happen you as a business are not going to do it by yourself. So that's when you introduce the other players like the designer and the developer who help you design and obviously develop your solution. Now all of these roles the designer the developer and yourself kind of come together to be what are known as resources. Resources are what's necessary for a project to get done. Now somebody needs to be able to manage this project and all these resources and that person is the project manager which kind of illustrates the difference between what a project manager does and what it does. So that is my quick overview of what a B.A. does. I hope it was informative and see you next time.