Job Opportunities and Salaries for Business Analysts Part 1

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This lecture covers what you can expect as a BA in terms of Job Opportunities and Salaries

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English [Auto] What can you expect as a business analyst in terms of job opportunities and salaries. Well I have really good news for you. You can expect a lot. There is literally thousands and thousands of job opportunities out there for business analysts like I see business and all these job opportunities pop up every single day and you'll get frequently contacted about job opportunities and the potential in the market for business analysts is just huge. It's very very big it's one of those career options and career paths that just basically has a lot of opportunities out there. And it's also very interesting because it is also a stepping stone to being a role. And a lot of managers I've met have actually started off as business analysts themselves. So there's definitely room and potential for growth either by you becoming a manager of business analysts or by you stepping into a business management position or a management position because you know the advantage of being a business analyst is that you actually working with stakeholders from all over the business and you're actually duking and analyzing the business constantly. So you're very familiar with what the business needs how it operates what it can do to improve and so on. Right. Which is of course a skill set that becomes very valuable to any manager in any management position. That's why business analysts have a ton of potential for growth within any business in terms of salaries. You can be looking at salary between 70 to 100 thousand dollars per year sometimes even more depending on their organization the basis of your seniority. Right. So of course people with less experience can expect to start out with a salary on the lower end of the scale and people with more experience having working on as I've been working on as a business analyst for many years and different businesses across different industries and so on can expect a higher salary of course. That's pretty much what you can find in the market. I'll provide some links so you can verify and validate information and sharing with you right now. And of course I'm conscious that it will. This will vary from market to market as you go from country to country region to region and even CD CD right. So like I live here in Australia and here in Australia you know it's not the same salary for a business analyst in Sydney as it is in Adelaide or Perth right. So of course depending on which city you'll find different levels of salary Generally when you're talking about bigger cities cities which have higher price index We're housing for rent higher cost of living then generally you'll find higher salaries in those cities and then cities which are small and which have lower cost cost of living than you'll generally find lower salaries in those cities as well. But this is not just specific to the Business Analyst position but it's generally what happens with pretty much any other career path that you choose when you're looking at different countries regions and cities. Right. So like I said before you can expect the salary as a business Hanley's between 70 to 100 K and indications sometimes even more. So it's definitely a really good salary and it's definitely a really great career path. And who wouldn't want a 100k per year. That's a really good salary. So definitely something for you to think about and definitely something for you to get into if you're passionate about these and if you're passionate about the opportunities it provides and if you're interested about making good money. Now one of the things I get asked about all the time is how do I get in the field if I don't have any experience how can I start a how can I become a business analyst if I don't have any experience. Well again I have really good news for you if you're taking this course right now. Make sure you finish it because that's probably the first thing you need to do to set yourself in the right path for your career as a business analyst. Once you complete this course you'll get a certificate of completion which you can download and add to your CV as well. Right. Which is great. It opens a door for you to business analysis opportunities. But I can already hear you ask what else you need to do. That's fine. That's not the only thing you need to do of course. I'm going to provide hearing the scores for TVs and links to other resources tools even other free courses which you can take which will help you enhance your career as a business analyst which is things that will help you learn more about business analysis and even go beyond what you've learned to the course because this course is a crash course. But of course there's a lot more that you can learn. Now I'm not saying that you have to go through you know a university degree or you have to go through you know constant training and training and training to get into the field. But the more you learn and the more information you got there and the more you upscaled yourself the better off you will be when you're in on an interview where you're in a position to grab an opportunity as some business analysts so ways you can get into the field as well. We'll of course apply for jobs as a business analyst if you don't apply if you're not even knocking on doors. There is no way you're going to get into a business analyst position. Right. So you've got to look at the market start looking at opportunities you know go to wherever you are in the world look at the website that provides job opportunities in your country in Australia. Seek you know in the US is generally most there or indeed. So you want to look at all these opportunities there. I start looking at what they're asking for. What are the requirements and prepare yourself for that. Like I said this course is already a huge stepping stone in that direction. And you're already have something which you can add to your CV which is great. It opens the door. You know it starts the process and there are things you can do is keep an eye on on internal business and opportunity for business analyst opportunities within your business because you already have an advantage you're already working in that business and people already know you and you're already building relationships and networks. And if a business analysis analysis opportunity comes up we'll apply for it. You know let them know that even though they had no idea you knew about business I'll places where you were you know you were be certified Well you actually took the scores you can edit your CV and you can say Yeah I've actually trained myself as a B.A. I've actually been doing a lot of learning on it and I want to work on it. And if you give me the opportunity I will do my best and I will make sure I won't let you down. Right. That's the type of thing you want to say in an interview if you don't have experience there will be other ways of course networking. Make sure you start working with other business analysts. Talk to them you know see if you can get them to include you in their projects. Learn from them shadow them you know try to gather as much knowledge as you come from them. And in some projects even play the role of the B.A. even if you're not officially assigned as the B or even if you don't officially have the role to be just so just the project team hey I have an idea about doing this. I've been doing this course on business at colleges and something I think which can help the project I'm going to help us with the requirements of stuff like that and start making yourself and building up your reputation that you actually know what you're talking about that you actually know about business analysis and make sure that you continue to train yourself and upscale yourself. And opportunities will come it will come your way. I can assure you that you know I've seen people that have gotten into the business analysis field without any experience at all like I've seen people jumping from a technical role to basic to a business analysis role. You know people jumping from a sales role a customer support role to be a role so they can do it. So can you. All right. Cheers guys. See you on the next one bye.