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Was Mary sinless?

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English [Auto] In this chapter of this lecture I want to talk about Mary being immaculate immaculate meaning sinless spotless blemish free those that are not catholic want to point out that Mary had sin. Where this comes from I'm not sure in what date this came from. We don't know because the fathers of the early Protestant churches actually all believed in immaculate Mary Mary was free of sin. Those being Martin Luther and John Calvin they all believed that Mary was free of sin. When did it show up that she was not sin that she had sin. I don't know. But let's go into it. Where does it come from. In Romans chapter 3 verse 23 Paul says to the Romans and all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God. Now this you this line is used to say that Mary sinned and she had sinned and was not immaculate. Now I'm going to point out a couple other people in the Bible that were sinless. And I'm going to start with a person that you have already talked about and that would be Maliki's attack. Maliki's attack in Genesis. His name means king of righteousness. He was blemish free. He was sinless another person. Noah Noah is said in the Bible to be sinless fully righteous blemish free so sinless that he actually is said to have been walked with God. That's how sinless he was. Joseph the father of Jesus not the biological father but Jesus is Father Joseph is said to be fully righteous within the Bible Zacharias I already talked about Zacharias from Luke 1. Zacharias is described in the Bible to be blameless and fully righteous. Let's talk about his wife Elizabeth. She is also described in the Bible as being fully righteous and blameless. Simeon Simeon is also described in the Bible to be fully righteous and blameless blameless. Now here are six people six people within the Bible that are all described to be fully righteous blameless or immaculate. Is it really inconceivable to think that the delivery of our more a Lord who came from Mary came from someone who was sinless. If you look at these other people and their roles within the Bible you have to think OK Noah and the great flood he was sinless Joseph's not even the biological father. He was sinless Zacharias and Elizabeth they deliver John the Baptist they are sinless. Is it entirely possible that Jesus was born from a sinless person. After you look at these six people to say that Mary did have seen Sin kind of seems like a really preposterous. Yes. The Bible does not state clearly right out in flat words and say Mary sinned. It also doesn't say that she was fully righteous but it also does not say that she did sin. So from here I'm going to go off on a little tangent. Now I have a purpose for my tangent but from here. Let's just go to her let's go to an entirely different subject and I'll show you why very shortly. Want to talk about the Ark of the Old Covenant ark of the old covenant is an ark that was commanded by God for Moses to make it's essentially a box. But what it is is it's the presence of our Lord here on Earth. Now I don't want you to confuse when I say the ark of the Covenant. I don't want you to confuse this with Noah's ark. And I say that because I actually have run into that people confusing of the Noah's Ark with the ark of the Covenant. And that's OK. This Bible stuff does get confusing. So I have run across it but just know that there are two different arcs. There's Noah's Ark which is a boat to save Noah and his family and all the animals from the great flood and then there is the Ark of the covenant that was made from God to Moses covenant being a promise to the people of God's promise. And God gives Moses very specific commands on how to create this ark that goes on for a couple of different chapters. It should be made of the purest gold and on top it has shown two figures of angels facing each other very specific commands on how to create this ark and he does create this ark and the Israeli Israelites carry this ark all around. But what's what goes into the ark. Well inside the ark or the box is Aaron's rod. Aaron was the brother of Moses Moses Aaron's rod is said to have miraculous powers just like Moses is Rod that departed the greats. The Red Sea. Aaron's rod Aaron is considered the high priest. Aaron's rod is put into the ark. Now there's some discrepancy as to which Rod did which Moses and Aaron's you know did. Was it Aaron's rod the Depart of the right see Red Sea. But what scholars don't argue with is that Aaron had a rod of Moses head around and they were interchangeable and they were both very powerful. Aaron's rod was used when Aaron accompanied Moses to the Egyptian kings and the rod turns into a snake in order to show the power. Now second we will talk about the bread. The bread is called manna and Manna is the bread that God gave the Israelites or the Jews when Moses took them out of Egypt when he put them into the desert they wanted food they needed food and God rained down the bread or manna. So manna was collected and put into the ark. The last thing that's in the ark is the tablets the Ten Commandments tablets. They go into the ark as well. So in this ark again as I said Israelites start carrying this ark all around Egypt are all around Israel for hundreds of years and it is the presence of God on Earth. You know they take it into battles and they it tears down the walls of Jericho that has miraculous powers and if you're you're not a Levice priest and you touch it you will die. So a very powerful box if you will. And once King David son King David's son Solomon comes along. God commands King David that he would like a home on earth. He doesn't want to be traveled all around Israel anymore. He wants a home and they have a permanent residence if you will here on Earth and David's son Solomon creates the first temple and the temple is the house of God and it's created specifically to house the ark of the Covenant. And it's also given a great detail of instructions on how this temple should be created. It's very specific to the commands and how it should be created. And when it's created the ark goes into that last room you see here on this diagram called the Holy of Holies. That's where the ark will go. And the only people who can enter this room Holy of Holies is the very high priest and he can only do it once a year. And he has to go in there with a clear conscience and incense when he goes into this room is the living presence of God on Earth. This room is so powerful that when a priest goes in there the other priest have to tie a rope to him in case he dies if he doesn't have a clear conscience he will die. And they can't go into the room to get them. So they will tear him out with a rope. So that's how powerful this room in that room is. And that's how powerful the presence of God is. Now what does this have to do with Jesus or Mary. Well let's go back to those three things that go into the ark. They go in Aaron was Rodden Jesus is the head shepherd and the head priest Aaron was also considered the head priest. Jesus is the head priest Mannah Jesus is considered the bread of life. And he says that several times. So he is like the manna the Ten Commandments the tablets. Jesus Well John's Gospel says very specifically in chapter 1 that the word turned into flesh and that word being the commandments and God is the Living Word. So Jesus is becomes the living presence of God on earth. No longer do you need the ark in the temple. Jesus is now the presence on Earth. And how was Jesus delivered Judah. Jesus was delivered through Mary. Jesus is the new covenant. Mary is the new ark. Now a lot of people wonder that dispute this and say no no no she's not the new ark. She's nothing special. Let's go into this. Remember this chapter in the last or remember this passage in the last chapter of Revelations chapter 12 it's the very first lines in Revelation Chapter 12 and I described it to meaning you know very much like the Genesis 315. It describes the woman clothed in the sun with the moon and her heels and a garland with 12 stars or a throne of 12 stars. This is Mary. And like I said before a lot of people want to refute this but this is Mary and Jesus. Now I want you to watch closely here because I'm going to back up from this by one passage. I'm going to go to Revelations chapter 11 verse 19 and what is Revelations chapter 11 verse 19 says. And it says and the temple of God was opened in heaven. And there was seen in the temple was the ark of the Testament and there was great lightning and voices and thunder and an earthquake and a great hail. You see where I'm going here. Hail Mary the very next line. This is Revelation's 12. This points to Mary. John wanted you. John the writer of Revelation's wanted you to know that Mary is the new ark. Now if we didn't divide revelations in chapters of we don't know if John did. Frankly I don't know if he did or not but if John was writing a manuscript this would clearly state here is the Ark of the Covenant. Here is Mary hail mary. Those two lines clearly relate to each other and it points again that she is the new ark. Furthermore if you go into the old testament first Sanderlin second Samuel and you compare King David's lines when he meets when he comes back in contact with the ark with Elizabeth meeting Mary the new ark. The lines resemble almost exactly. I'm not going to go into all of them here. I would advise if you're very interested in this. There's a number of sources on the internet that will show you the relationship between King David and Elizabeth and the ark. I'll give you a couple of examples. When King David sees the ark for the first time he says How is this the ark of my Lord has come to me. When Elizabeth sees Mary for the first time Elizabeth says how is this the mother of my Lord has come to me. When King David sees the ark for the first time he leaps for joy when Mary meets Elizabeth for the first time the baby in her womb leaps for joy. That baby being John the Baptist. He leaps for joy. Timing issues. When David recovers the ark it goes into a home for three months. When Mary goes to Elizabeth she stays in her home for three months. It's very evident that Luke wanted you to know that Mary is the new ark. And a lot of people don't want to agree with this but let Luke clearly wants to show you that she is the new ark. She delivers the new covenant. In conclusion I want to say that Mary delivered the mother of our Lord. She is not a cardboard box she is made of the purest and finest gold. Mary is immaculate.