What is Your Attitude Towards Your Confidence? How Bad Do You Want To Succeed?

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In this lecture students will learn about their own attitude towards confidence and how improving thier attitude will improve thier confidence & self-esteem!

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English [Auto] Welcome back everyone. Today we're going to be discussing your attitude and how important that is to building your confidence and self-esteem before you even move any further in this course. I want you to ask yourself and rate it from 1 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 10 being your attitude is like really really good. You really think that you know you got a really great attitude for the most part all the time compared to one where it's like attitude not that great really don't have that great of an attitude a lot of the time I really are just not happy with how things are going right now. That's where a scale of 1 to 10 the 1 is down there. Is up there. How is your attitude towards your confidence. How do you feel about who you are and how confident you are as a person. Scale of 1 to 10. Go ahead now and think about that. Now if you're towards the 10 mark maybe eight nine ten seven eight nine 10. Somewhere around there. Well then you're really going to benefit a lot from our next lectures coming up because you really have a good positive attitude about things you're going to be able to see and watch these videos and go I can do that. If Joe can do that so can I. He's not doing anything that special you know he's he's got maybe a little more experience than I do. But if he can do it so can I. And then you're going to be able to really just take off like a rocket and get some awesome results. Now your attitude right now is maybe like a 6 and below. You don't really have to work on thinking to yourself why is my attitude not very high and very good right now. And how can I change it. So how can I change my attitude. Well first you have to stop and think and figure out where your attitudes at once you got that down. The thing that you need to do next is to start taking action. The biggest thing to change your attitude is take action. If you're just going to sit around all day unfortunately you're not going to be build your self-esteem and confidence by doing that in order to build your confidence and self-esteem you have to get out there and interact with people. You have to put yourself in different situations. You have to take action. And that's the biggest part really to building your confidence and self-esteem. I look at all the interactions that I've had all the different reference points that I have in my own life. I've traveled all over the place. I've met so many different people. I didn't do that by sitting around and going. Well my favorite TV show is on and 10 minutes and we all just watch that today and just zone out. Just become unconscious. No I took immediate action. I went to the gym to give myself more energy to go hang out with my friends at night to go to some party that I've never been to before to hang out with people that I've never met before to introduce myself to people that are complete strangers. That's how you begin to build your confidence and self-esteem. And that's how you begin to change your attitude. Because what happens when you do that you take that action. Eventually something's going to go right. It's just impossible for everything to go wrong. I'm sorry. It just is. You know you start to really get out there and even if you have a bad attitude you come back and go wow you know what. That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be or you know what I actually kind of learned something from there and you start to build this positive momentum. You start to have this positiveness come about you and then you go. Maybe some of these other things will work. Why don't I go take more action and try that. Then you keep going and keep going and you keep going. That's the strategy that I want for you to build your confidence and self-esteem. You can't just sit around you can't just watch me talk to you. It's going to help you when you're going to get out there and take action. And what's going to happen is if you do really well that's going to instantly boost your confidence self-esteem. Say you walk up to somebody. You look when you go hey how are you. Nice to meet you. Shake their hands. You have a great conversation. Great rapport. It goes really well. Boom. Confidence self-esteem is really boosted your life. All right. I took action. I finally got outside my comfort zone. This is working. Is so much fun. Yes let's say it goes the complete opposite direction. You go you meet somebody. You try to shake their hand. You have a good handshake. The person's like a hello it's like that weird awkward vibe. You're like oh my gosh this is awkward. It's really weird. But then you look back at it you go home that night and you're like well what really happened in that interaction. Well it wasn't really that bad it wasn't that bad. You know at least I went out there and introduced myself to that person. At least I went out there and tried to shake their hand. I'm I'm I'm better than I what I was just sitting around doing nothing. And so you start to see that hey well you know what. What did I do that maybe wasn't good the last time I have that interaction Well I probably had better eye contact all the next time I go out and work on my eye contact. And then you work on your eye contact and you're like hey laser focus right like drawn on men and then you're like you know what I feel more confident so I have that laser focus because I'm you know learning then I go to do the handshake and the handshakes on point now. So you're just like wow OK now I made a step forward. That's how you're going to build your confidence self-esteem. And that's how you're going to get a better attitude. And even if your attitudes A10 your attitude is going to be like a 15. After doing this as well. So those are a couple of strategies how to build your attitude up how to build your confidence up. And I can't wait to teach you more coming up in our next lectures. Stay tuned for those.