What is Confidence? How Can We Begin Building it Today

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In this lecture students will learn what Confidence is and how they can begin building it today!

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English [Auto] What's going on everyone. Welcome to our first lecture here and today we're going to be discussing what confidence and self-esteem is now our dictionary will tell us that confidence is simply the belief that you can succeed whatever it is that you're trying to do. Wherever you're trying to be in a relationship with. Maybe it's a new job. You just believe you can succeed. That's what competences and you really think about it. You go well where do I start learning how to believe that I can succeed. Like where does that belief come from. And as you see behind me it's definitely gonna be a windy day to day but it's sunny and the way that you start learning how to believe that you can succeed at something is through a series of different reference points. A bunch of different reference points. What do I mean by reference points. Well it's actually reference points and reference experiences so let's use reference experiences because I think that will resonate better. A reference experience is where you have a new experience or maybe it's a similar experience but you've done it before and you have just a bunch of different experiences. What those are what reference experiences are. So if you're trying to build your confidence and self-esteem you have to keep getting out there and keep having these reference experiences. What is a reference experience that every single person throughout life has. Well the one is when the sun rises in the east and sets in the West it's now behind us. That's a reference experience every single morning when you wake up you look out your window and lo and behold for the most part unless it's raining or there's some weather whereas the sun it's in the east. And before you go to bed when the sun is setting where is it that it's in the West. And so you have confidence and you believe that without a doubt in your mind the sun is always going to rise in the east is always going to set in the West. Why. Because for your entire life you've seen it happen. He didn't wake up one day and it was in the north and then it was north east one other day. And then one day it didn't rise at all. No. Let's hope that that never happens. But the point is every single day like clockwork the sun rises in the east and it sets in the West. So you have confidence in that. So how do we begin to build our confidence and say getting a job. Well have you ever got a job before. Yes. Well that should give you some confidence because you have that reference experience if you've never gotten a job before. You have to go out there and create that reference experience you can't just sit around and listen to me talk to you or some guy talk to you about getting a job. You actually have to go an interview. You have to apply for the job. You have to get in there and start to try to get the job and then eventually you have that experience where you actually get the job. Yeah. That's how you gain confidence. Then you go and you get an even better job and then you get an even better job because you have these experiences and you gained more confidence. That's when you gain confidence. That's what confidence really truly is. It's not some thing that you just wake up with one day and you go you know what I'm going to be confident today or you know what. I don't I don't I don't feel I'm being super confident in the future. I don't really feel like I need to be confident it's just you know I'll learn it later. It's not really how it works. You have to work at it. You have to work at getting and gaining confidence. So I'm going to show up one day and go hey you're confident now. Is that how it works. You got to get out there and you get to gain those reference experiences. And again I will leave you with this before we move into our next lecture. The main way to gain a reference experience is to take action. You've got to get out there you got to start creating for yourself and creating your the life that you want and you're not just going to again. Rome wasn't built in a day. The buildings that you see behind me they weren't built in a day. Each and every day is going to give you more confidence. It's going to get you're going to gain more and more confidence from every single time you get out there you may fail a little bit but you learn and then you keep moving forward and you gain even more confidence. In fact me just sitting here talking to you on this video camera. I have talked into this video camera for hundreds of lectures but what most people don't see they don't see the hundreds of lectures that don't get published because I failed but at least I took the action. That's what I learned to take action. And we have a whole lecture about that coming up soon so I won't spoil it any more for you but thanks again for enrolling. I can't wait to teach you how to build your confidence and self-esteem.