The Four elements for a great engaging bot

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Build an engaging Facebook Messenger Bot That Sells

Strategically Create an engaging, funny, and educational Chatbot in Facebook messenger that connects and converts.

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  • How to Map strategically a Facebook messenger bot sequence that converts leads into customers
English [Auto] Welcome back. Did you notice any of that mistakes in bots. You are subscribed to if you are subscribing to bots and through any of the mistakes can you send me to a screenshot and send it to us. I live and I will be happy to receive that so thank you. Endless continuing this course. What are the four elements of the best bots. Yes this post has four main elements and probably you have to use them correct to make humour both engaging entering the first conversation must have an end goal. Like for example if you have an end goal and you can map the customer journey. So what's your end goal for your book. Maybe you have different strategy for different both campaigns like for example. My first post campaign was to get leads. My second one to get subscribers to my webinar and my last one was to just engaging old like old customers. So you choose whatever you want but you have to show that because knowing your end goal will make you were moving the customer journey in tides about easier. You can either get these new customer it ties existing customer engage other customers over competitors to chase it you get your customers so that they don't reform because if I'm getting in your work and you'll be safe whatever on your piece of food for example a new phone I cannot use this phone. But if you have a chat I can chat with about bot to help this application how do you that. So I will not reform I will not ask for a returning of the product. That's a good way entertainment of course and provide better customer support. The second element in the conversation must have personality of its own voice. I feel that behind the both is a human because people love talking to humans and not bots and mixology bot is one of the best parts of it is using personality. Here it is a photo of it that in this guru is Andrew and he has like it see the copy please people please. It's like funny copy and his face his facial expression and here. Show me how so I click. Show me how this click is a menu yes. So I'm approving the spot I'm engaging with it's about and then the second that message here his he's kissing his messenger like what did that. It's really curious. It triggered curiosity so make your bot try to make you both have personality of its own. If other use your own personal photo making facial expression the tone is funny and personality or you can use make a mask look like for example I'll tell you how in in the first example. But here the third one is a conversation must be messenger style. You are chatting with someone you are chatting with a friend you are using go emoji you are using facial expression you are making the words short as possible you are using abbreviations and full them embarrassing plans on what is full of different personality made his own jiffy. I you show see you so he made his own Jeffy. You can make your own defeat in Google Drive get good food drive for free or think so. And here is that. The copy is short this mall there is the like options I can map up I can choose what option I'd like so I'm mapping my my journey inside his but so that's a great example you can subscribe really in and France on both and see how he engaged with people. It's really a great example of what's the next element if a customer need to have options and feel a phone they are creating their own experience as I said to you. People love customization because everyone think he's unique by his own way and he's different from any other person. So if he can map his own journey it will give him more satisfaction and give you more engagement in the bar. So a great example is gradual but I'd gladly both Israel up. What about gardening and it's using a musket of cat. We're holding a flower so you can easily make a mascot. Maybe it's in your brain. Send it to fivers for someone to draw it for you and see how he that the here for granny. Let me show you is really long overdue because it wasn't really engaging. I literally spent about 5 minutes engaging with this book and you can read is the search for a thing engaged for it and of course your journey will be different than mine here because I'll let you know you can view it and be silent I cannot be silent here here here. Like what. I can choose what I read by the bland gardening sorta game or shop. Yes he can convert me to to his shop directly here and can. So if I know him I know the shop is great and I am interested in gardening. Why not. I can I may buy something. So again how I should be playing a game is so engaging. Easy or hard I choose easy because I have no clue about gardening or different between the flowers. For me this is a white flower and for me this look like asparagus is is obviously not so again this quiz like short the quiz for 5 who does not more because if it's more people would be bored. And he kept creating the answer would you show me that extra step to the solution or please start another game or discover garden. So of course I choose a solution with that answer. And for blue everyone discover more discover more about the flower discover more about the shop itself. So this is was a great example of Facebook but you can really try and experience it with yourself. So the next video I'll show you. What are the rules of the Facebook again. Rules are completely changing. Every now and then in the blink of an eye all the fun in a blink of your eye Facebook may change everything. So make sure you follow up every rule. And here is a link of the rules developers does Facebook with it like jocks slash messenger dash platform slash policy and please take care of the rules because Facebook doesn't joke or take any misconduct lightly and ensure that you always follow Facebook rules of advertising and keep yourself updated with it because Facebook loves changing the rules like a girl who lost her lover changing her hair color every day so thank you and see you in the next video where I will tell you the rules up till the day today. And what is expected in the future because they are saying that in the next two months there will be a couple of changes or major changes. So see you next. If you think you.