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Build an engaging Facebook Messenger Bot That Sells

Strategically Create an engaging, funny, and educational Chatbot in Facebook messenger that connects and converts.

01:29:02 of on-demand video • Updated May 2019

  • How to Map strategically a Facebook messenger bot sequence that converts leads into customers
English [Auto] Hi. How are you. Welcome to messenger bots. But that tells how to strategically create an engaging fun and educational book in Facebook Messenger that connect and converse and give you sales. I'm imagined the founder of business not com business much is a place where he would change your business for money eating monster cash come pick a team by applying marketing psychology means that I'm sending you my warmest welcome here and if you had any questions don't hesitate to ask in the Q and A SECTION AND OF COURSE IF YOU NEED ANY HELP THEM PLEASE REACH to me in the message by sending a message or in the Q and A section I'll be happy to answer all your questions and all your inquiries. If you find this course very helpful please leave me a good review I'll be appreciated if you can write a line or two about the course because it really that help me and help the future so let's jump in in the messenger box and what our messenger was that's for sorting and why all the buzz around them now. Messenger but really are not going anywhere. It's an email marketing it's not email marketing then your way of connecting to your customers and for generating sales is relatively new like one year or so and still Facebook is trying to monetize every every message and there is a that starting from July 2019 messenger but with the day to play you have to pay to you would yes. So if you have two month about two months starting from this course. If you are taking it to me because obviously I'm shooting this in the but anyway you can take advantage of the rules because there's a really 24 plus 1. I'll tell you everything about how this rule is and why how you can take advantage of it but really Facebook in the new era. Facebook Messenger part in the new adult email and it's very very if you can very very very vital and very very profitable. If you can carefully craft it and it will get very very very profitable. So let's jump this course. I have a disclaimer here. This course is not about technology. It's about the psychology is about the strategy how to make iPod that is engaging and funny to tons of examples but I will not show you the technology or how to integrate many shat or shut you or whatever software you are using with your Facebook page. How do you can take out like the technical board. I'm not going to show any technical parts here. It's all about the psychology and how to make a bet. Do I think that what this is a strategic level not technical level. Great. So let's jump in here is a caution because it's just too careful when using robots especially and brilliant of you that the guidelines of Facebook it is book is changing with the guidelines like every two or three weeks or maybe less in May. Facebook may change all the rules so be sure that you are following Facebook rules and forever. Before every campaign just ensure that you know what you know I I'll tell you the rules. Until now me 2019 but maybe Facebook changed there was a couple of weeks. I don't know. So please make sure that it's your you are complying with every rule and every guideline Facebook sees. Here's a taste of what we are going to cover. Are you excited about that. So what we are going to cover what our messenger was and why you should use them. What makes a compelling message and how to make it engaging. How I build a boat and drive traffic to them. The rules and regulations around Facebook Messenger. Again you have to check the rules every now and the strategic strategically get new clients leads in customers and the array of fodder for engaging existing clients. And of course I'll show you an example. And again please note that there is no technical or tutorials about technique used. Maybe I'll show you a quick video from what many. My many shots my manager. The platform but I'm not covering any technical issues. So here is the topics. The first part is what our Facebook pops and what is good what are vital to and why most of them are failing. Yes most of Facebook saying OK. Second how to design an engaging body converts and sells strategically and templates. Plus I'll get you a checklist. Number three of the third part is what's copywriting tips stumbling examples of what's been. I'll show you many many examples discourse so. Oh in this course for if you are in enterprise or business professional or market professionals or freelancer you can really use applies as a strategy. Knowing some of the technical stuff. Hire someone who can do the technical and really sell this service known for your service. Or if are an agency or someone who's working for an agency what this course is not about this course is not about how to use many Chacha tude or whatever. Square is not about Facebook ads and of course it's not about the overall business strategy. It's only about the Facebook bought strategy. You can apply your marketing course is about is about strategy and using Facebook posts posters and mapping both campaigns. Either need your say or sales campaign. This course is about increasing coupon subscribers or at least get your first hundred subscribers and converting them into big customers. This course is about Facebook for marketing strategy with taps of both company copier and I'll show you many examples and even give you templates like webinar would convey elite magnet campaign quiz both campaign offline or online campaigns e-commerce both campaigns and restaurants both campaigns this of. So let's start with the first port in the next video and I'm super excited to start with you. Are you excited. So see you in the next part.