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English [Auto] So you've made the decision to start your own web design business. Congratulations you have now joined thousands of others that have started their own business. However the reality is is that most people that start their own business don't make it. Why is that. Why do some people make it and others don't. Well there are several factors that come into play. But one of the most important things is that you have to plan for it. You have to plan to succeed not just plan to start a business. When I first started out I knew that would be difficult times. I knew there would be those months where I wouldn't get the number of accounts that I needed. And since I had quit my normal job I had gone all in to this business. There was no backing out. I either had to succeed or either I had to go back to our normal job. So one of the first things that I did was I made a plan for success. I want you to succeed as well. So one of the first things I'm going to share with you is my plan for success in this business. That plan consists of the three years relationships referrals and residuals. And we're going to go over those in more detail later in the course. But for now here's a brief summary. You need to create relationships with clients not just make a one time sale. With relationships selling you will keep a client for years and those clients will send you more clients. You need to have an active referral program that encourages others to refer clients to you. Referrals are the absolute best way to get new clients because when a client is referred to you that client already trust you before you've even met and trust is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. You can almost always count on a referral as being an automatic sale later in the course. I'll show you exactly what you need to do to get more referrals. The last star is residuals. Residuals is the most important part of the success formula. At some point in this business you're going to have a slow week or slow month. And if you're relying totally on new sales you're not going to make it. However if you have a residual income every month you can easily make it through the tough times. Also with residuals you can turn a small sale into a large one. For example the very first sale I made I only charged $200 to build that website. When you first start out you're going to have to do a couple of sites really cheap in order to help build up your portfolio. But here's the beauty of residual income. That first sale that I made that client is still with me today. Four years later that client pays me $65 every month to host and maintain their Web site. So now that $200 sale has become a three thousand three hundred and $20 sale and it will continue to increase as long as I keep that customer. And I think about that for a minute over time as your business grows and you get more clients your residuals will continue to build. If you have 100 clients and they each pay you a monthly residual of $65 you're now receiving $6500 per month. Now this is guaranteed income whether you make a new sale or not. Do you see the potential here. Later in the course I'll show you exactly how to set up your residual program including how to price and sell it again. Let me congratulate you on making the decision to start your own business. Remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step you have now taken that first step. Get ready for the adventure.