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English [Auto] As we get through this course I'm going to show you different types of software that I use. Many of those are going to be optional invoicing and accounting software is also optional. However I'm going to strongly suggest you go with my recommendation on this. As we said earlier one of the most important aspects of being successful in this business is having a good residual income. Residual Income is income that you receive month after month which means you'll need to send an invoice to your clients every single month. Now you can do this manually yourself but that means you have to make an invoice for each client every month and send it to them. You have some clients that want their invoice by e-mail. You'll have some that want it by snail mail and then you have some that would like to automatically have it deducted from their credit card. When I first started I tried to do this manually by the time I got to my 10th customer I was sick and tired of manually creating these invoices putting them in envelopes sending them out sending out the e-mails. I just got tired of doing it. So after many searches and trials for software that could handle recurring invoicing I finally came across two systems that worked perfectly. One is called Fresh books which also includes accounting software and the other is a WordPress plugin that I use. So let's take a look at these. When I invoice my clients it's always done in one of three ways. The first is when I make an initial sale when I make a sale the client pays a set up fee. I usually charge half up front and then half when the site is complete I immediately collect the half up front so there's no need to send an invoice or anything. They simply put a check in my hand. That's the first way of invoicing. And usually those are large checks because you'll be obviously getting more initially on setup fees. The final payment is also given to me by hand because I'm meeting with the client and going over their new Web site or either I'll send them a final invoice using fresh books. So let's take a look at fresh books what you're seeing here is my actual fresh book's account some sections as you can see are blacked out because I don't want to show the names and information of my customers. But you can see here on my summary page the amount of invoicing I have done over the past six months. When I told you in my opening video that I make a six figure income I wasn't just talking. You can see here that I make six figures just from my fresh book invoicing and this doesn't even include an initial setup payments that are Assi. Nor does it include payments that are automatically deducted from credit cards which I will show you here shortly. Here's the beauty of fresh books with fresh books. You can set up your customer give them a username and password and they will be able to log in and pay their invoices when they receive them. Then you can create two different kinds of invoices either a one time payment invoice or a recurring invoice. Here you can see a list of all of your invoices. As you can see I have 48 pages of invoices with 15 invoices per page That's 720 invoices. Imagine how long it would take if I had done those manually with Facebook's it's all automated. If you're creating a recurring invoice you can choose to invoice the client weekly bi weekly monthly yearly however you like. Then you can choose to email or snail mail the invoice and fresh books as the rest once the client received your employees they can either log in and pay it online or they can send you a check in the mail if you get a check in the mail you basically log in and simply market is paid. It's that simple and it saves a ton of time. As I said before you can also use fresh books for your accounting. But I'm not going to go into that here. Just know that Facebook is the best software out there for invoicing. If you planned or see residual income you can find a link to it in the bonus section below. So we've looked at getting paid in person when you make a sale and getting paid through fresh books. The last one I want to show you is a WordPress plugin that I use to accept payments via automatic credit card charges. So here you can actually see the back side of my web site and I'm showing you some of the plug ins I use right here as you can see I have the commerce plug in that I use as my shopping cart and then I add the subscription plugin which goes along with the Strype gateway plugin because I use Strype as my credit card processor. So here's how it works. Let's say I'm going to create a subscription that charges my clients sixty five dollars per month. I simply go to products and add a new product a top and the name I want to call it and then go down and select simple subscription I put in the monthly amount of $65 and save it then I'm going to copy the link to the published page log out paste the link into a new window and add the subscription to the car. Now I have to do is enter my customers information and their card information and it will be charged every month and then stripe will deposit that money into my bank account two days later. If your customer ever wants to cancel you simply go to your active subscriptions. As you can see here find that customer. And here you can see again I've blocked out my customers names. But you find that customer and you suspend the draft. It's that easy. Just remember as you're growing your business your biggest asset is time. The more ways you can save time the better. That is why I strongly recommend that you use fresh books and come or subscriptions for invoicing your clients.