Setting up an easy permalink structure in WordPress

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In this lecture i show you how to set up an easy and friendly permalink structure

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English [Auto] All right. Welcome back. In this video we're going to look at Mullings and pummeling simply means pollinator things which are which is outside TRL. In order to change the structure we need to go to settings and click on this Palmer link. Now quietly It's said to the name of the post which is like this 2019 Jan and uh 16th in January the month of January. Now this is not very nice. And also the post name. We really don't want this one to make it easy for our users. Of course you can choose anyone you like. What's generally recommend that you just click on the post name to make it look simple. Now instead of having the the the year the moons the deed and the name of the post we just have the Post's name which is why it's good to that's dances for the video once you've done that click on save changes. Um yeah. I've seen the year.