How to create delete and restore pages in WordPress

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Lecture description

In this lecture i will:

-show how to create pages

-how to delete pages

-how to recover deleted pages

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English [Auto] Welcome back guys. In this video we're going to be looking at pages when you look at how to create a new page how to delete the page how to restore a page in case it deleted be done. You decide you want it back just like your recycle bin. OK. So in order to do that we need to go to pages and let's click on all to see. We have a page at the moment. We have our sample page and we have a privacy policy page. OK. Currently the privacy policy says it's on draft. What does just on Let it be like dance for the sample page we don't need that. Just click on trash. Not deleted. Now let's go to trash and see how the opportunity to restore it. You can click on it to restore it back. See no more my trash can go back to all this time around. Trash it again and go about trash and lead prominently. Once you do this you're not getting paid back. So be sure you want to do this. OK. Now next thing we're gonna do is create a new page not to do that just simply click on this add new and that says need to give you a page name and for this I'm going to call it home then scroll down and click on publish you've created a new page and stick a couple of seconds to possibly show page and we're done. OK. Now as create some more pages go to New when you click on this. All right Kelly created page 12 you can also select whatever you want. Let go and click. Page create a couple of pages. Create about click publish this and that one range or click armed. Publish we're going to create one more going to create all contact and publish and that is all for creating pages in a video. We are going to look at posts. OK. So seeing the next video.