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Loosing your password can be a bit frustrating  so In this lecture i will show you how to easily change the password.

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English [Auto] Guys. Welcome back. In this video I am going to show you how to research a parcel just in case you forgot. Now when you are walking on a local host you can not reset your password by using this link. This link is meant for those that on a life saver. So I'm just going to show you how to do this manually. Now need to go to your need to go to your browser and type local host slash PCH. My admin. OK. Just type this address to bring you up to this page. Now I want you to click on does your database click on it. OK. You bring up something like this mine is too screwed. Find where it sees users can repeat users. Now should be the one of the last three coordinates. Now he can see username here on the parcel but it's encrypted. Okay. So you need to click on it it. Now this is a parcel here. In order to change this path all you have to do two things click on this dropdown screw and select into select and the five. This is just a hashing mechanism. All it does is convert whatever possible you're going to put here into these phony characters. OK. Just for protection. Now this was the password that I used previously and was going to buy a bunch of rubbish here just to make it secure. And I'm going to copy it not going to see this again and I'm going to paste it into this box. OK. And I'll scroll down click to changes that they need. OK. Now when I refresh this page I'm just going to remove this address and I'll come back to this page select my user. And then this other password. If I put it online you're going to see no longer works. You're no longer going to walk then to pass me see. Watch. Well with this new password I've just changed and pasted. Scroll down. Click on log in. If you take me back to the dashboard and that's how easy it is for you to change your password in case you lose it game. Have fun seeing an next.