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English [Auto] Something that is an essential part of operating an online story is understanding what is happening on your store including how many people are coming to your store how are they getting there. What are they doing when they get there. And so you need to have a web analytics program that you can use to evaluate your traffic and your store and Google Analytics provides that tool for you. So I'm going to show you how to install Google Analytics and how to use it. Once you've installed on your site first of all you need to go to Google dot com slash analytics as you can see here in the address bar and then click on access Google Analytics if you have a email address that logged in then you'll see that it'll just take you right to your dashboard to set up a new account. You're going to click on admin once you've worked on the admin tab you can click on your account here and you can see this link that says Create new account. In this case I'd be on mine safety depot that for my online safety Depot website and I will put in call it the same thing Web site name also was put in the domain online safety Depot. Like this it has three categories available just for Google to tailor your reports a little bit the go ahead and like shopping for e-commerce stores this is a very popular one common default that you can use when select Mountain Time for The Times over I want to have to report it because that's the time zone that my business is located in. So if you'd like more privacy and you can go. It is unclear to all those and say I don't want this to be shared at all. And then the next thing you do is you click on get a tracking Id have to use accepted their Terms of Service then they'll provide you with a tracking I.D. So this little script that they provide to you is the thing that needs to be installed on each page of your web site. And I'll show you how to do that with both Wordpress and commerce as well as the way that you can do it inside of big commerce. There are many different plug ins available that will allow you to install Google Analytics just by providing your account to you. This is the account number for the Google Analytics account just set up for my online strategy put on common site polling that I typically use is called Google Analytics by Yost's you can get there again by going to plug ins add new and you can search for the term Google Analytics. You can see from the search results and there are a lot of different Google Analytics plug ins for Wordpress available. The simplest thing that you want to have happen is you just want this program to put that tracking script on each one of your pages. This is a plug in that I have installed to work with Google Analytics to track my web visitors once I have installed and activated Google Analytics by yourself click on settings here. And you can see that I was asking for the code that identifies my site click and paste in my Google Analytics code that actually comes from just this number right here once you've got the number of places and they all just want to click on say changes so that your tracking code is an insert into your Wordpress pages. There's also an option here that you can authenticate with your Google account if you want to. And that gives you access to the dashboard from Yost's that integrates Google Analytics with your Wordpress dashboard if you'd like to go that route as well. Once you've installed Google Analytics on your site you can go and check and make sure that it's working. I go to the site the home page I checked source and I just do a search for Google Analytics and I can see here that that script is installed. I can also go back to my Google Analytics reporting page and check that out I should be able to see if I look at real time. I can see that here it lists me as being on the site all to really go and shag one or two pages and make sure that it has me set up the right way. And I go check on this page refresh this that shows me as being on this other page so I can see now that Google Analytics is working for my web site. And I'm all set to start tracking the visits to my site and hopefully really quickly seeing that number go up. If you're using big commerce and you want to track your web visitors which I highly recommend. Similar to what you would need to do if you're using WordPress Commerce the first thing you'll have to do is go set up your Google Analytics account. Let's say we've already set up our Google Analytics account but we need to go back in or find our scriptures how we do that. First of all of the kind of ad men and the I see here I've got under custom mold a core a link that says trifling info and then into that tracking code and I can go and grab this information to give my track record of this just copy that then I'll go into my big commers admin section and I'll click on setup and tools and then over here on the set at resource section there is the link that says web analytics on that page. First of all let converso that I'm going to be using google analytics so I check this box here and honestly can save your notes and once I've done that it creates this new tab. This is Google Analytics. So click on that. Then I was paste in my transcript. I can make this box bigger to make sure that it's all there. So there's this start script and then strip tag it off the save once I have saved my ass my tracking script inside of this Google Analytics section here. And when I go to my website. So we took out customer column I can go and look at the page source I can verify that that script is being inserted and that my Google extract and code is being inserted in there if I want to go back to Google Analytics to make sure that script is working I can come here and click on real time overview what I can see that it is recognizing me as being on the air right now. I typically will go just check out another page as well and see if that updates with that. So I did all of these religious slash Bible verses category so you can see that as following me as I'm going to the site and that script is down working for me. And that is how you install Google Analytics if you're using a big commerce shopping cart system.