Unique Selling Proposition: How To Be Different and Charge More? (CASE STUDIES)

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English Alright guys, so what actually is a unique selling proposition? Well, if I ask you a question, what is that one thing that makes you different from than competitors? That would be your unique selling proposition. However, many companies instead of trying to be different they’re trying to be the best, which actually put them into the rat race. To give you a better picture of what I’m talking about, imagine now that you run a bar in the big city. Now, what will be easier for you to accomplish? To be the best bar in the city? Or to be must go place for sangria? Well, of course the 2nd option is easier because you don’t have to compete for so many clients, you just focus on small group of people who like sangria but you still have to figure out how to serve your sangria unique. A great example for this is Mast Brother’s chocolate. So, instead of using industrial production methods of big brands like Nestle or Hershey, Mast Brothers make their chocolate using traditional methods in one of the Brooklyn house. So, not only is their chocolate delicious, but the way how they make it and the way how they sell it. I mean the package design and the product presentation make this chocolate something cool and exclusive. Because when you enter the Mast Brother’s boutique, you feel like you are in the chocolate apple store and that’s their unique selling proposition. Now, let’s have a look at prices. Hershey’s offer a box of 36 chocolates for nearly $27, while Mast Brothers sells collections of 12 chocolates for crazy amount of $88 and that’s a branding masterpiece. Alright guys, but I suppose that some of you are like, “come on Mast Brothers are not so small company, they operate in two countries. Alright, if you say so, now I get something special for you. J JM&Sons is the furniture brand run by literally two friends in a little walk shop in Toronto. So, at first the glance, the furniture made by J JM&Sons look quite ordinary. Of course, they’re well designed industrial pieces but you can easily find something similar at other stores or even made by yourself at home. However, if you have a look closer, you will see that they are not ordinary industrial furniture. Namely, they are all handcrafted, made from reclaimed wood pieces of art. And that’s an amazing unique selling proposition because there is nothing like two identical pieces. Each furniture is one of its kind and tells different story. Now, let’s go to “about us” section, here we got some text and short video that I want you to have a quick look at. Now let me read and explain you something: “We’re furniture makers in Toronto and we love what we do-even when it’s 20 degrees below zero and our hands start to freeze!” So, what they want to communicate in this sentence is a tremendous passion of what they’re doing. Let’s go further. “To reflect rural Canada’s beauty, we strive to make sure each piece of furniture retains a bit of that natural ruggedness”. So, what they mean by that is a piece of Canada nature that comes to you with each furniture, that’s what they promise. And now the last sentence is, “And when we’re not shaping new pieces of wood or creating new designs, we’re planning our next adventure into the wild”. So, here we got the lifestyle, what it basically means is if you are a fan of adventure these are perfect furniture for you or maybe if you don’t have a time for adventure you can at least have our furniture because that’s what it represents. So, these guys not only offer furniture, but they also offer their passion, natural beauty of Canada and adventurous lifestyle. Now, let’s take a look at prices. An ordinary industrial coffee table costs from $300 to $400 while coffee table from JM&Sons costs over $1,000. And that’s the magic of branding. Here are some more ideas of unique selling proposition that might inspire you. So, Man Crates is an online store with the gifts dedicated for men. And as you know there is a huge number of places available online where you can get this kind of stuff. However, do you know any other store that ships their products in the wooden crates? Well, I guess not. Because to open your package from Man Crates, you have to use a crow bar. So, as you can see your unique selling proposition might be also your package design. Another interesting case study is Everlane which sells what they call luxury basics in fashion. So, in this case unique selling proposition can’t be design because it’s quite ordinary, however, what makes Everlane unique is their radical transparency about how they run their business. On page of each product they offer, you can find a detailed information including factory where the product was made, cost of production or even cost of transportation. Everlane was featured in the ranking of the most innovative companies published by Fast Company. Alright guys, of course there is nothing like one recipe for unique selling proposition each company has to develop it by its own. All you need to do is simply ask yourself one of the most important question about your business. What is it that makes me different than others and why actually my clients should care about that? Then if you find the answer apply it and communicate as clear as possible.