How To Build Premium Brand By Improving Quality Of Pictures? (CASE STUDIES)

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In internet world, that's pictures who actually sell products. Learn how I built a premium CASKET brand by improving quality of pictures. No need to worry, violence free lecture ;-)

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English Just like colors and typography, images have a tremendous impact on how your brand is perceived by others. My family business is casket production which is believe me a very interesting niche. By the way, it’s my Dad, the CEO, say hello! So, when I was designing a brand strategy for my family business the goal was to be perceived as a premium brand on the funeral market. And the casket market is 99% a B to B model, we wanted to attract only top funeral directors. To achieve this goal, we couldn’t present casket like another scary and boring product because that’s what most casket manufacturers do and then they compete on price. So, we decided to do exactly the opposite. We launched a premium line of casket, increased the prices and present them like they were furniture in the nice composition and lots of detailed pictures. As a result, company increased the profit margin by 20% and got new premium clients. And I believe it’s just the beginning. Now, forget the casket and let’s talk about something pleasant. For example, Hard Graft, a leather accessories brand that always use detail, clean and almost artistic photography. That’s how they emphasize a brand attention to details, the minimalist design and the art of craft. So, I really like their products and I could consider buying this iPad sleeve even if it’s quite expensive because it costs one hundred seventeen pounds which is nearly one hundred seventy dollars. But here is the thing, the way how they presented to me looks like it’s worth that money and I want to get it. Now, let’s have a look at similar iPad sleeve at eBay. As you can see, it’s almost same product but look at these pictures and ask yourself the question: would you buy this iPad sleeve for $170? Well, personally I wouldn’t, and I think you’d neither. That’s why it costs only seven pounds which is approximately ten dollars. So, again pictures make a huge difference on how your brand is perceived by others and have a great impact on how you can price your product.