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This lecture shows you what are the intermediate events and how to use them inside the process flow.

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  • You will see how to use BPMN in practice, which elements to use and which are not so useful
  • You will learn how to use events in BPMN and what are the event types
  • You will practice how using object types for tasks and subprocesses can make your diagrams easier to understand and more powerful
  • You will understand how to show the process flows with various gateways (XOR, AND, OR) and how to make sure token flows correctly
  • You will master usage of pools and lanes to show collaboration in a proces, so that you never make the popular rookie mistakes
  • You will learn how to easily extend your diagrams with additional information with artifacts and data objects
English [Auto] Hello in this video you'll see what are the additional Even types so far you have learned that there are start events and and events. Now it's time to show something more. But first a small story. When I was a kid I enjoyed very much watching. How does the space shuttle start. It was the countdown free. Two one zero ignition and liftoff. When did this all boosters were dropped then the main tank was dropped and the space shuttle could continue for a little while and then it was going to orbit. Mission completed. But how can you show some important events that happen in the course of the process. Here you can see additional object type. Those are intermediate events starting means as you know are marked with a single fin border and events are marked with a single thick border intermediate evens are somewhere in between. So we are marked with double fin line. And here you have very simple process here. We have and we have task all lift off and those intermediate events mark too important. Well even in the lift off process the rocket boosters are dropped then external tank is dropped and then the crew needs to cut off the engines and the orbit is reached. Please note that those are not things that need to do. Those are even something that happens. Boosters are dropped automatically when there are empty. Now let's go back to business and go back to your process. We received the order. This was our starting. We take the availability process the order and the order was complete. But here you see additional two objects. First one is confirmation link set. And second one is confirmation received. So we automatically send some e-mail with confirmation link asking customers to click it and when we receive this message we can continue with processing the order. But you should have noticed that some think is a little bit different. So far the rules will clear all this. Even as markers we light feeling all the end events had the markers we've darkfield but intermediate humans can have both types. This is because there are two types of intermediate events. One of them are furrowing intermediate events and second catching intermediate events. How does it behave. First of all how does our process look like when we check availability something happens automatically. This is flowing into me. And then we need to wait for something to happen. So basically furrowing intimate events behave a little bit like and events very active while catching intimate events are waiting. PESI just like the start events. This is why they have also the light filling. Now let's move to our process and extended debate to show it to you in practice. Here is my original process in time extending about. So I switched to more advanced mode. And now I want to insert those two intermediate events so this will be a first one. And here I'll add a second one. As you can see you can market IRS ketching or Froning. In our case it will be rolling. And we'll be using message. Let's name it properly. So conformational link send And here we need to wait for confirmation from a customer. So we'll be using obviously getting and message and the this is our simple process. Now let's dig a little bit deeper into the catching and throwing events flowing into the events. As I told you are always active. They have dark markers like the one that you could see in case of messages but also Otter's catching in committee events helf always like markers like those ones that you can see not with a bit of tokens. Dinu token is born when the star even does trigger the token Fluff's for a process making task run and then activates behavior of these Froemming intermediate event. So in this case it is sending some message. But then we have ketching intermediate event and took in cannot pass it. It needs to wait over until something happens. In this case until we received the confirmation and then the token can continue right to the end. So they're catching intermediate events behave a little bit like the gates in the Cassells until they are ready and we are open we won't be able to pass. Now let's talk a little bit about types of intimate events. First of all as you could see in the space shuttle example Mirken be none intimate events with no marker inside nothing to me. Humans are only Froning the mark so important process milestone. Then we have intermediate events message as good See that can be Eidur furrowing or ketching. And if a show exchange of messages with participants external to the process. So for example we could send something to the customer and wait for a response. So messages are something like phone calls emails letters stuff like this. Then we have signals signals as can see can also be either furrowing or catching. They're a little bit similar to messages but not exactly they're not directed so they send a signal like a broadcast or wait for his signal. So there's no single recipient. There can be many people interested in the signal you can think of a signal like some kind of become a lighthouse but tries to reach many many people but can be interested and can react or not depending on whether they find it useful or not. Those can be some status information about process stuff like this and it can be either inside sighted persons or outside. So this is very useful object then we have intermediate events triggered by time. Obviously we can only wait for some time so those events are only catching and they Chauvet our process needs to wait. For example for a specific time or date so something like to regular old you just need to wait for some time and then the train appears and Venda train Leif's. Then we have intermediate events conditional. Obviously we can only wait for some condition to become true and if this happens we can continue our process those conditions can be very different. So this can be for example that the number of items to have in our stock drops below some minimum that Sher's move up or move down. There are many many possibilities. For example in this case we could say that our condition for some process of a teacher is that all the students passed and then he can continue but additional more intermediate events you can have link intermediate events very very specific type because they don't have any deep meaning they're just helping you create easier to understand processes so if you have a long sequence Flo's across other lines you can just use link for always catch it and remove the line between them. They're not that common additional type but is not very useful on the beginner level but after works becomes pretty useful escalation. It allows you to show that something needs to be handled on a higher level of process. And we have compensations. This also something useful but only in more advanced cases. This allows you to show that you can undo some elements you may be wondering. Is it ever think with intermediate events. Well yes and no. We covered all the intermediate events that can be part of a process flow but additionally we can have boundary intermediate events boundary intimidatory events allowed to show. How do we react to some events that happen when you're working on some task or step process as in names that just had them to the border of this element. And for example here we can see at one that we are processing the order and customer councils. We will no longer continue with despair. We will simply document this in the CRM and then our process ends. But I'll tell you more about Bondra intimate events in the following video.