Why People Buy and Why They Do Not Buy Your Products or Services

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English [Auto] This election will cover the Jamul issues and solutions of why people buy and why the services and the long lashes and details of how you can actually convince people to buy our products. If a customer buys from you they will give up on a considerable amount of flexibility that they have before giving you their money. In other words if they don't like your products they could have bought something else from someone else. And if they could actually like you have all gone through this experience more than once and this is why our customers always hesitate to buy what you're selling. They don't want to pay for something they will not use. So the main obstacle to their sales in most cases is fear of loss. Customers are afraid of losing money in business stuff. Therefore the main reason that their sites are seen is the benefits of their products or services. And there is other blocks your sales. It's the fear of losing money on useless products or services. What you should do in this case your job is to convince people for the benefits around you that your brother will have to live a life all their lives will be improved compared to the life that they already have and how their needs and desires will be fulfilled once they have used your products or services. It's been scientifically proven that fear of loss is more powerful than the desire for the benefits. So people are more focused on what they will lose rather than in what they will gain if they will buy our products or services. So how can you as an entrepreneur or uses undesirable emotion the most effective way to reduce this pain is something we found. If you want to use the fear and get rid of the obstacles that blocks your weight your customer is guardeen money back on what you saw. At least for 24 hours from the time that they purchased the brotha of course it always depends on what you're selling. As a result as much as you increase their surance for their services that Matsumura views the fear of your customers losing money. The truth is that people care more about losing money from a logical point of view makes no sense right. Because money is money but when it comes to the most logical everything people do is based on emotions. And then we back off all decisions logic where and when it comes to money our money is more valuable than earning money that we don't already own. So what does this mean for you as an entertainer. If you want maximum impact people who respond better when you tell them what they're missing out. If they don't buy what you're selling. So not only you need to tell people what they will get from buying their products or services but you also need to repeat what they really lose out. If they ignore your offer So while you are promoting your products or services the most frequent mistake that you can do is to focus on what your product or service consists of and what are its features because those are basic information to offer to a customer. They are not enough to sell their products or services. You should laser focus on what your product does for your customer and how your product or service needs of your customer what their customer will benefit from using their services and what they will lose if they ignore your offer. You should deal with people the most from the buying process. Many people hesitate to buy their products immediately. So a lot of people go the wrong way while trying to incite people to buy their products or services. They use tactics say like I know there is one more laughing stock when in reality. Thats just not true. People realize it and they dont like to feel or manipulate it. So how you can do business that need to show people how acting now is in their benefit. Lets say you are a yoga instructor trying to fill your schedule with new customers. You know a lot of people say enough for your sessions because they think maybe I'll go when I have more free time. What you can do is for a limited time or something in addition like if you sign up for two months you will get one for free. The point is that you can get people to act now by giving them incentives to buy. So each of us have different reasons to buy one of the critical points of the sales rules. Psychologically this is an invisible value added products or services increases the value of their products and services. Psychological value includes your brands your station customers nosing around they are able to say much more for your new and unknown products or services being around them. They dont know the psychological value is credibility no matter how confident you are about your products or services that you offer. People will always doubt that your primary mission at this point is increase the them and maigre customers believe you. In order to buy your products or services and mass lets you learn how to make people trust you more.