What's a Game?

Yann Burrett
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Lecture description

If we're going to design some games, it's probably a good idea to have a working idea of what that means.  In this video, Yann explores some of the facets of game design and suggests a working definition for the course.

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The Board Game Developer: Become A Game Design Ninja

Learn the principles of game design and game development fundamentals by developing board games

11:05:51 of on-demand video • Updated January 2019

  • Learn game design theory and apply it in a practical way to developing engaging board games
  • Create / prototype your own board games as practice challenges throughout the course
  • Be able to create a compelling experience for your players
  • Quickly iterate and improve your game's design
  • Be able to self-publish and publicly launch your own board game
  • Come up with new board game design ideas and execute thoroughly on those ideas
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