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English [Auto] All right blender maniacs. Time to continue our little seen right here. It's looking really cool so far looking like a cute little scene from The Sims video game or something. So let's get right to it. We're going to make the TV right now hitting seven to go into top view. Let's it shift a ad in a mesh cube. A lot of cubes in the scene and low poly especially this style of low poly is a lot of cubes because for the most part low poly you want there to be sharp edges and edges that show if you have things like spheres or things with a lot of polys it it's no longer low poly so. So that's why we're doing so many cubes. All right. Hitting us why. Let's scale this down and however big you want your TV to be. I don't know. Maybe you want a twelve inch TV. Maybe you want a 200 inch TV. It's up to you. Maybe you want a square looking TV horror has hit s z scale on the z axis and bring it to about there and then however thin you want your TV to be too. That's very important to you know especially in this day and age. The thinner the better. So G why we're going to bring it to here and there we go. Now one thing let's add in a little bit more depth to the TV. I'm gonna hit tab to go into edit mode three to go in the face select mode select this face and we're just going to hit the eye key which will inset the face and hitting the Iki we're going to instead it to about here to create a thin border around here and then we're gonna hit the E key to extrude and just extrude this in very slightly so that we got kind of a frame around the TV. Cool. Well that was simple cut. Let's go ahead and add in the TV stand where we can put you know the hose guys say the VHS the DVD player and the x box and all that good stuff. Shift A add mesh cube. We're going to bring that there and hit the esky scale it down GZ bring it up and as X scale it up like that and s y and then g y and just bring it to about right there. Cool for this let's make it a little bit more interesting. Again you could keep things low poly and add somewhat of detail. It's not really detailed too much but what we're going to do is hitting tab to go into edit mode control are at a loop cut left click and bring it up to right around here so that we have a thin edge right there. We're going to hit three to go in the face select mode ultra left click this face right here and we're going to hit e to extrude right click and then s shift Z and scale it up so that it scales it on all the axes except the z axis and then just hit as y and scale it up on all the x scale it up on the y axis. And this gives it kind of like a small RIM or border right there. Cool. And then hitting tab we're just going to add in two slots right here to put in like I said a VHS or x box. We're not going to be modeling those but just having the slots there at least we're going to hit control are scroll your mouse wheel up once well once so that you have two cuts left click right click and there we go. Now hit control are we're going to add in a loop cut here left click bring it up to about here control are at another loop cut right around here so that you have this space right here we're gonna do that second time control are out of loop got here control are add a loop cut right here so once again we have this face right here and this face right there. Cool. Now what I want to do is actually edge slide these a little bit more and or actually scale them in and edge select mode still. I'm going to alter shift click. These two edge loops and then hit s x and bring them in just a little bit going in the face select mode 3 on the keyboard. Let's shift select these two faces and then e to extrude and bring these in. We could bring them in quite far back and there we go we got some slots right there to put in what ever we need to put in there. Cool. All righty then. It's looking great so far. Now what I want to do is let's go ahead and add in some shelves to our scene shelves. Definitely. You know they make a scene Fuller and you guessed it. Yes. We're gonna add cubes. Thank you Alex. All right let's add in a cube. We're gonna grab it. Bring it over here. G z bring it up and then s z scale it down and just like that we have our shelf. However we need to hit x y and scale it on the y axis a little bit and she y bring it out there and then I'm going to hit g z. Bring it closer. I'm going to bring it just above the TV like that and hit shift D X to copy it and we're gonna put one on the other side as well. And then on these shelves we are going to put books yes. Ladies and gentlemen we are going to put some low simple books on here. Now for the books you guessed it. We're going to add a circle. No I'm just kidding tricked you. We're going to add in a cube. So shift Eight add in a cube. G z bring this up and then as X scale this in s y bring that in like that as C make it about the size of a book and then s to scale the whole thing down. I'm not gonna hit the delete key on the NUM pad to zoom into that object and what we're going to do is hit tab to go into edit mode control are absolute look here but we're going to scroll it up once so that we have to loop cuts left click right click and then hit us X and scale it up on the x axis like that then hitting control are going to add a loop cut here and bring it all the way in. So now we have kind of a border right there hitting three to go in the face select mode. Let's like this face this face and this face right here and we are just going to hit e to extrude right click and then s and scale it in just slightly. You could even hold down the shift whips you could hold down the shift key which will scale it in in smaller increments. So scale it in and then you can see when we scaled it in and kind of brought this out to here so we just need to hit g y and hold down the shift key and bring it back a little bit on the y axis there and boom look at that we have our simple little book and then we just need to put this cute little book on the shelf right there hitting the delete key on the number had to zoom in Jeezy put it there and boom there we go. So just like that we have our little book now what we'll do. We could add a lot of variation to these which we will do once we start adding materials. But for now let's add a modifier array. Increase the offset to one point two I guess. And let's increase this to let's say 20. This could be an encyclopedia set. If anyone has encyclopedias these days I think maybe there's an encyclopedia set in my garage. So I don't know why I'm making fun of those anyways who uses encyclopedias these days anyways. I don't know. All right. There we go. Cool so we got some books. They're sweet. Another thing we could do we could add. Let's add in like a a black rectangle here or a rectangle. Make it black later. But just so it looks like there's a thing that where the cables are hidden from the TV to down here to the to the VHS tapes. All right. So we're going to shift a add a mesh cube as to scale it down and bring that there Jeezy and scale that way down and then just hit as Zee and just bring this in behind the TV. Again you could scale it way down and as Zee and just like that so that it looks like there's a you know something that's bringing the cables down behind the the TV stand thing. All right cool. There we go. Let's go ahead and continue in the next part we're making pretty good ground I think in the next part. We're gonna finish it up actually before we do that. Let's add one last thing. Chef de add in a cube. Yes definitely a cube. We're gonna add in a picture frame. Who. What kind of house is complete without a picture frame. I don't know. We're gonna bring this up as Z bring this down. Kind of weird actually thinking that now in my house I don't have any picture frames but whatever we're gonna hit s x scale this. Like this. And then tab to go into edit mode three to go in the face select mode select this face right here. Hit the eye key to inset it and just bring this down a little bit like that and then e to extrude bring that in and just like that going to side view three on the NUM pad are nine D negative to rotate it negative 90 degrees and just place this on the wall. I don't know what kind of picture is in there but it's gotta better be the Mona Lisa or something to be that size because that is ridiculous. All right let's scale this down a little bit. Unless you want to picture that big I don't know. By the way we're making the scene like this feel free to make your scene however you want you know kind of take some some freedom with creating your scene however you want you know make the couch different put picture frames different places et cetera et cetera. I'm not going to make it symmetrical so I'm just going to have one picture frame right there and that is all. All right cool. Let's save those files a vase by the way I like to save multiple scenes because right here we're going to name this one too. And the reason being is let's say your low poly scene one becomes corrupt or something goes wrong and you can't go back to it. Well now you are you're out of luck. So to put it nicely you're out of luck. But if you have multiple scenes like low poly scene one two three four five six et cetera if one of them ever gets corrupt or you lose some of them you always have the other ones to go back to. All right cool. In the next part we're most likely going to finish up this little scene and then in the park after that we're going to be adding materials and then doing the lighting and moving on from there. All right very well done. I'll see you in the next video chat for now. Overall.