Getting Blender 2.8 Installed

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Lecture description

  • Why Blender 2.8
  • Where to get Blender 2.8 from
  • Explain Daily Builds
  • CAUTION with existing Blender files

(Updated AFter Blender 2.80 Beta Release)

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English [Auto] Hello everybody and welcome in this lecture we're going to quickly go through some of the changes you will experience now that blend the 2.8 bita is out. So I'm going to guide you through the installation process where to find it and just show you quickly around the interface and show you how some of the Course is going to look because it's recorded and they've moved a few things around. They've literally moved a few things around and nothing fundamentally has changed. But if you do spot something that's confusing you please do reach out and keep an eye on. I'll do my best to guide you around or indeed fits the videos that need fixing. So let's dive straight in and find out where to find blander. OK everybody. So what I'd like you to do is go over to w w w dot Blendr dot org. And from here we've got two options we got blended 2.8 bita which has just come out and we've got Blendr two point seven nine. This is the current stable version. This is obviously a beta version and it's super awesome. So we're going to do that and you can have both installed side by side so we don't click on that. And the fun is back in 3D. Great let's go and download blender 2.0 eggs. Now you will be presenting this screen. It gives you three options when it comes to your OS. So if you're running Mac OS or Linux it would probably defaulted to those options. And what we want from here in this case is for me to point eight bita Windows 64 bit now is 21 Megs it's going to take a few minutes to download once it has downloaded you can literally run it from the zip file that it will download. We can see that it's almost done down here. Nice and quick which is brilliant but what takes a bit longer is the actual extraction. Now what I do is I go ahead and open up that zip file and for the moment I go and drag it into my documents folder. You can obviously pick it desktop or wherever you'd like to store 10 profiles. And as the cost goes forward because these are daily bills you can see here December 6th. Things change on an almost daily basis sometimes blender will be crashing and other times blender will be absolutely fine. And that's part of the nature of having something in beta testing. It will just happen if a blender normally crashes sometimes anyway. Anyway so we got blender two point here. I'm going to drag it into my documents. And that does take a few moments to do. You see he's transferring doesn't quit but it does have these peaks and troughs as it has the small files. What's high then do once that's Coppula across is going to delete my old icon here once that's copied across a wall that is copying across. I go to my documents find the appropriate one of downloading and in this case is going to be this one here on the 6th and I'm going to open that up and we can scroll down here and find Blendr and I'm just going to track that to my taskbar so I can launch it from there. Now I can't launch it just yet because at the moment it is still extracting now wants that still extracting. Let me just run through a few things. If you've got files that you've worked on in Blender two point seventy nine. Earlier before you go to point eight please do not open those files and then save them and expect to reopen them. In the earlier version it would break the file for earlier versions. So if you are going to experiment with the existing stuff that you've worked on before then please make a copy of it before you open it into Point 8 because once you've opened it up and 2.8 regardless of it being alpha beta or whatever you will not be able to open it up in a prior version of Blender. It will be broken for that. And that's because there were some fundamental changes to how blender is structured. There we go that's all sorted so let's go ahead and open this up and you'll be presented perhaps with a security warnings. I'm going to open it up now once it's launched you'll be presented with this first splash screen. Excellent. So this is the first time I've opened up blender 2.0. Now this is a fresh install you might not get all of these options you make a different splash screen. But while we're here a couple of important things shortcuts we've got Blendr we're going to stick with those who are out now. There is a new option in Blender one. A lot of people have asked for and that is where it comes to selecting bits and pieces within blender you can use the left mouse select now or if you're so used to it and want to stay with that you can select the right mouse for selecting. Now often throughout the course before this change came in I will say right clicking I'm indeed talking about selecting If you right click with left click selected. You would actually get up a special menu that details things that you can do based upon what you're currently doing with him blender. Now I'm not going to change any of the settings here. I'm just going to go ahead and click next. And then we get our default start up and I'm going to click away and it will disappear. So you can go ahead and left click to select things within Blendr you notice they have an orange outline around them so we know that everything's working here if you left click in the distance where nothing is. Then we end up selecting which is perfit that's what we want to be able to do just to make sure that blend is working how you'd expect it to. I've got a three button scroll mouse so we can zoom in and out of our screen with the middle mouse button scrolling up and down. We can press that middle mouse button down in order to orbit around any objects and we can hold down the Shift key to pan to the left right up and down Accenture's so we can have a look around. Now fortunately even if you don't have a three button scroll wheel mouse we're catered for. I've used blender a lot on my laptop and sometimes I've forgotten my mouse which is always infuriating. But now they've got this area in the top right of the 3D window that's got a couple of options on it it really does make moving around a lot easier. So let's go through these really quickly. The first one would toggle between what's called orthographic perspective and perspective mode. The next one will go to exactly what the view from the camera when you're rendering your scene will be like the hand if we click and hold we can pan around our scene. And as you can see that I've lost my scene if that ever happens you end up over here. You it gone. Well if you've got something selected you can go view and frame selected. If you've not got something selected then go view and frame all. And then it just positions your view around all of the objects that are in your scene. And then of course we can pan background then we've got the next one as you probably guess with the plus. There you can zoom in and out really useful. And then finally you can click on any of these circles the with round to the side top views etc. and it will switch to orthographic mode. But also we can use this area here to move around. Now some of the changes that you're about to see as you progress through this course we have at the top here a series of layouts. These weren't here when we first started recording this course. In fact we go ahead and create some of our own. And then in about the second section we start getting these back in there. They're brilliant. You can click along the top here and change to different styles. You might even get an error message if you go through. So that's one of the major changes. Initially we don't start with any of this. Along the top the other major change is that if we look over to the right here we've got these tabs coming out. Now you can click and just hold and go up and down those you can even move your mouse over here when you do it. This area here is called the properties panel. Now during the beginning of the course this is not a vertical tap system. It is in fact a horizontal one across the top. So that's the major change at the very beginning of the course. Hope it doesn't disrupt you too much. So let's now crack on and get going and blend the two points.