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English [Auto] Ladies and Gentleman welcome. So the first thing that we need to do is download blunder of course of course how are we going to create some awesome 3D artwork if we don't even have our program to make it with. Well just go ahead and go to Blendr dot org. That's b l d and d e r dot org. Like the blender in your kitchen. Once you're here you're presented with this awesome home page and with a download blender but and smack dab in the middle of it. So of course click on the button and once you do you're presented with many different options for downloading blender for whichever system you have whether that Windows Mac or Linux. So depending on which one you have you would download the zip folder. Now there's also different mirror lengths. So the USA there's one over here for I believe Germany or the Netherlands. And different links right here for different places that you're in for the most part. You would probably use the USA one like you could see right here. Netherlands Germany etc.. So I'm just going to go ahead and click on new USA download link with the 32 bits for Windows because that's what I got. All right. Cool. So now it's downloading. On the bottom left of the screen. So give it a minute or two or maybe three and then we'll be good to continue. All right. Now that's downloaded. Just go ahead and click on your zipped folder and it will open up in a program of your choice that you have to unzip files. If you don't have one you could always go to Google and check out when rar. That's w i n R A R like a dinosaur rar and or you could google free unzipping program and shuk one as well. But for the most part your computer should come with one to be able to unzip files. Once you do just go ahead and extract your file to wherever you want. I'm going to put it in the local disk see and in my program files right there and click on OK. And then of course click on yes and then once again give it a second or two. We're almost there ladies and gentlemen. I know anticipations kill you. Hold on. So now just go wherever you saved your blender folder and file programs. And you can see right here we have Blendr right there. We have Blendr over here. Click on the little orange icon which is the first one right here. The blender not the blender player. And once you do click on run and tada we have lift off. Ladies and gents. Now please don't get overwhelmed and close a program I know it can be a little bit intimidating but that's why I'm here so head on to the next video. We're going to get started but with this little video here on uninstalled blender I'd like to welcome you to the ultimate blender course. I look forward to going on this adventure with you. It's going to be awesome. We're going to have some fun learn some things create some cool animations and have an absolute blast so once again. Thank you so much for investing in this program. I know you're going to get tons of value. I appreciate it. And look forward to helping you in serving you along this journey. So with that let's get on with this let's let's I like stop talking let's create some awesome 3-D arts. All right. You asked for it ladies and gents let's get on with it head on to the next video. Ciao for now. Oh you are. I'll see you there guys and ladies. All right. All right. And another thing at the end of the videos this is another little thing I added. I thought you would enjoy. I put some low positive quotes and poems that I write because this is another art and passion and hobby of mine to write these and thought I would leave every video or almost every video on a positive note with these little positive quotes and poems that I've written. So I hope you guys enjoy them. And this is the one to leave you with this video. Are you ready to go on an adventure and see a place where you can set your imagination free. If you are grab your keyboard and mouse and get ready to never leave the house let's go on our way and creates and blender all day. All right ladies and gentlemen let's do this thing. I'll see you there. Ciao for now of La.