Exporting an object from blender to unity with fbx

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English [Auto] In this lecture I'm going to be showing you how to export a model form blend up to the game engine known as unity. So this is a bit of a bonus lecture discourse. So we're going to be exporting a model to be used in a game engine. It really doesn't matter what the model is. We're going to be doing this by converting our work blend file to an FBI X-File when we export. I'm just going to give you a couple tips before we do about exporting as a result. It's also going to show you how to import a file into unity but make a note that for this lecture we're going to be doing it the simple way so we're not going to be exporting any textures with the model that we're exporting. So let's go into blender and export a file. Now for me I've got a lightsaber. I create it from stores. It's quite simple lifesaver but I think it's a good example to use. So by this point you would have made numerous creations in blender and this would work with any one of those creations any one at all. So choose any blend file you want to export if you want to follow along with this lecture to export our file is quite simple. We have to go to File. Scroll down to where it says export and then click F. B X-File. The reason why is because this is the file that is read by unity. When importing Fredy asss so kindly click SBX now. I've already saved this once before. So I'm just going to go explore SBX again. And it should now be done. So what we're going to do is we're going to open up say. Of course if you don't have unity that's fine you can just watch video if you do have unity. Feel free to follow along with this lecture. So we're going to just create a new seat in the action we can create a new project so close location yet it creates would just let that load up excellence would go up like project the which is what I want. So in order to import our model it's very simple. In uni we click on the mouse and we select import new aset. Once you've done that go to where you saved your SBX file which will normally be where you save you'll know plenty of files. We can see NFIB X-File here where the and if we scroll down I can find more. Lightsaber thought the X-File double click and we can now say that we have our lightsaber. If we just click on Izaak on here we can see all the things that have been imported. So a couple of tips. First of all is if you were doing this proper You wouldn't necessarily want to export your camera and lamp into your unity see in it's just no point to it. So to save space before exporting I would just recommend all of our hiding or deleting the camera and the lamp if you don't want to explore them. More next it is Junichi navigates differently to what Linda does and it uses a different format for its 3-D gizmo. So different platforms are basically in terms of 3D platforms. There are of what turned in their axes or left hand it's without me to know too much about these. But basically all you need to know is blender is what hand it and unity is left handed. That means that when you export your blender model it's going to be imported into unity as a mirror image. So I'm not sure this is going to make too much of a difference for an object like a lightsaber but to move it into a scene. All we have to do is left click and hold on lightsaber and drag it over to us saying and release. There we go. Now we have ourselves a lightsaber in our unity project. Another thing to know is because the axes work differently we can look up in this top corner to see how the axes working unity. So why is actually going up which in unity where as in Blender it is is that access. So it's basically wife top say an X here. But in Blender It's actually said Y and X so x is in the same place as it would be in Blendr just opposite because it's left handed so what hand it. And we've also got the access which is basically Actually they are all free completely different to each other compared to him. Glenda that's my mistake. So to rephrase that basically it's almost as if it's being rotated so the y value would normally be he in Blendr if we go back into blander but pointing in the other direction the x axes would normally be where the Xerox's says he and the Xerox's would normally be where the war axes is he fortunately Unity's very clever especially when you import FBI Ex-Files it knows that you've been importing form Blendr which is a different Fredy platform with different navigation settings. So unity is clever enough to accommodate for that but there you go that's a simple guide in how we can move our models phloem blend up to unity. One thing to know we also get a materials fold up to go with the imported lightsaber. Now we don't have any materials for a light saber at this point which is why we get a material in the asset folder called No9. If we were to have a usable material then we would simply click track over objects and Gurlitz but we cannot do that at this point as we do not have any materials in this project. So there you go guys that is how we can export a model from Blendr to Ulysse And also note that this was exported without textures. So this is useful for those who want to employ textures using unity rather than Lenda which is something that I do recommend. For simplicity's sake if you know how to use unity so there we go guys see you in the next lecture.