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English [Auto] All right so now let's talk a little bit about acoustic Western guitarist and kind of the differences between them and what to kind of look for. So you have probably noticed if you shopped around a little bit for acoustic guitars that they're in all kinds of different price ranges so you have really cheap ones and then you have really expensive ones so you go over 200 bucks to 2000 bucks. All right so let me just really explain really quickly what makes them more expensive and what to kind of look for when shopping for an acoustic guitar. So the main deal about acoustic guitars if you want to spend a little bit more money is that the expensive ones will have what's called solid wood. So they will have a solid top. They will have a solid sides and a solid back. So normally in that description it will say it's solid top back and sides and those guitars normally you won't really find for under 500 bucks are the cheaper ones. On the other hand are laminated so they have laminated wood and that means is that in the factories they take the sawdust and glue it together. Right so you're not going to have the same resonance as you will with a solid piece of wood because this is one piece of wood here and the laminated ones are just as fake. Well you could almost see it glued together. So that's really why the price ranges change and what to look for. So there is kind of a third option and that's also a pretty good option if you don't have a big budget you want to spend 300 bucks maybe let's say you could get laminated sides and back but you can have a solid top on the top so often you'll see a solid top in the description. And normally what that means is that only the top is solid and the sides and that are laminated. So that's really the main thing to look for when you're shopping for an acoustic and that's what's going to make the price price change go up or down. So one more thing that is kind of dear to me is kind of the size of the acoustic that you get. So this acoustic guitar is called a Double O size. Normally you'll see it like in the full section like a full acoustic guitar. So you kind of have what's called either a double M A triple or a 0. So double triple o or O M and that'll kind of have this shaped body on it. All right. The other really major guitar is what's called a dreadnaught. And I'll put pictures probably up here so you can kind of see the spectrum of the different sizes. So this is kind of a full guitar. You could either get a double triple or 0 and it basically all means the same thing a triple always going to have a slightly bigger kind of back side to it. Double-O like this one is going to have a slightly smaller backside so the difference there then is the sound. So smaller guitars like the double o's or even the turbos are going to be quieter. They're not going to be as loud they're not going to have as much of a roar to them when you play them. Now the other opposite and what sold very very often is what's called a dreadnaught. So if you watch Paul McCartney playing Blackbird he's always playing on a dreadnaught dreadnoughts a really really great. But they're also really big. So it's much bigger and you don't have this nice curve here. OK. Which means it won't sit as nicely on your lap. Plus it's much higher up. You kind of have to climb over it to play a little bit. I had a dry thought so I know what I'm talking about. And for me there's just not as comfortable to play if you're playing for a couple of hours. It really starts to get in your way and it's just not as comfortable. It's louder but it's not as comfortable. So I normally recommend that my students get one of these folk guitars either a double triple or they're called O ends sometimes and that we'll see really nice in your lap. It won't be as loud but loud enough from my ears the best thing is to kind of go and try it out in the music store and see what works for you. But just be warned about the Dreadnought size because I didn't know that when I was buying mine so I was totally blind as you probably are now too. So try them out kind of keep that in mind and see what works for you. Again the dreadlocks sound amazing. I love the dreadlocks. It's just that they're not as comfortable to play. So depending on your situation and how close you are to a music store Keep in mind when you are making your choice choose wisely. So that is kind of what you need to know about acoustic guitars. As far as just the basics what to look for. The main just the main thing to look for. So I really hope this video has given you some insight to the world of acoustic guitars. One more thing maybe is the pickup systems. Normally if you spend 3 400 500 bucks it will come with a pick up system so you'll just be able to plug it in normally and play it as you would with an electric guitar. You can have distortion. It's not going to have a good distorted sound like an electric will but you have a nice kind of clean acoustic sound upon it just a clean setting on him. All right. So that was the short little lesson here on acoustic guitars and excellence and thanks for watching this one.