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This video shows how to use the Wordpress plugin called to post to Facebook and Twitter automaticaly from your blogs.

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English [Auto] Another way you can stay on top of your social media is using. I plug in for Wordpress called Link Dopp AM A L A N K Dot am a. Now once you go to that site you will actually have to purchase this plugin and you can get a personal account or a business account. The personal account is five dollars per year. But you also get a month for free and you don't have to pay until after the monster ends. So you get your money Furrey first. So you're getting 13 months for five bucks or you can get a business account for the site that works the same way only it's $15 now membership in pricing usually you see here is a little bit different. You get you can manage up to three accounts with the personal account add up to T.N. with the business account. So if you have to have more than T.N. I can't if you have more than 10 sites and then you're probably going to have to buy more than one account is what I would think. So now once you have signed up then you simply just going in and signing on with your Twitter Facebook LinkedIn and whatever. You know you want to use your. They also use FriendFeed which I don't have a FriendFeed account but once you have that then you also major I use this AP Akki to set the plug end up on your Wordpress dashboard. So once you get your thing rolling thing you're going to go into your Wordpress WPA ad man page and you say here is the actual IP at and from there. You choose what you want to enable the social network module to post on Twitter or Facebook LinkedIn and you want to select the type of post which I have chosen post and page which I think I'm going to take the page off and just have post. And I also have chosen to have Billy which is the length shortened or total for my link you aureoles partner and they offer a couple different ones. Tiny you are AOL and Twitter Fennelly your alias. I don't even know what that is. We pay down him a. That's pretty popular but at least probably the best one you could. You could go with in my opinion and once you are signed in here being you can choose under the Twitter category here if you are going to change some of the way the tweet is formatted. You can do so by coming here and entering and the different things it tells you here. If you put in the percent sign you are AOT it will change it to display the tiny you are able of your posting your Twitter Faid catch displace the categories of your post and tag displays tags of your post into your face as a hash tag that probably wouldn't be a bad one right there to go with because I'm going to add that when he and I am his life and if you want to check to make sure that these are working you can send a text tweet and you can see here that we have a Twitter success and then you can open your Twitter up and you should have no post there. OK. And here you say we have testing the link eum Twitter Plug-In. And here's where I added this hash tag WordPress link Donnie and me and now I actually just delete that because it's not anything important. So we have everything set up and you can do the same thing for your Facebook and right on down the line. Here's your Facebook. And if you want to change some things it tells you exactly what you need to do and default description. Excerpt site name Facebook recommends images that are twelve hundred six thirty pixels and Linked-In. Is this one here. And you say I had it set up to pose with all categories. So looks like we're ready to go. I really have enjoyed using this late plug and I've been using it for a number of years so I highly recommend that you get it and just start using from the beginning. It will save yourself a lot of work that way every time you make a new post on your blog. You don't have to come in here to your blog and then come over and open up the post and hit the share button or anything like that. Yuki's it will simply automatically post. See now if we didn't have the actual link Dan linked I'm sorry link am a plugin installed. We would have come in here and do it manually which it can be a little bit overwhelming. So keep that in mind. Saves you a lot of work and a lot of headaches. So hope you enjoy the video. We'll talk again in the next one.