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English [Auto] High I hope you enjoyed my previous lecture about give over. Now I'm going to start talking about make believes comics. So this is the Web site and you just create your own comic strip. It's easy and fun and it's so easy that you can just click on the character. So here we have many characters. OK. And you can just choose from those different characters. OK so how can we use make believes comics in the classroom. Well there are a number of ways that we can use it. One of them is the warm up activity. So for example we want to show our students like a comic strip about two people introducing themselves and using certain words and we want to ask them about what what what are they doing and what are other expressions that you can use when you introduce yourself. Or it could be an activity where the talk balloons are empty and the students should fill out those talking. So there are a number of ways in which we can use make believe conflicts in the classroom. So I'm going to start now showing you how to do it and I will create an activity as well. So I'm going to put this guy up here. OK. And so basically you just choose from these characters and then use the arrows to select the emotions object scenes balloons or the panel. And then you click to add them to the panel. OK. So and here we have the background we have background colors and we have the tag balloons. The balloons and the panel prompts them. Number eight here represents the size of the top films and I'm going to show it to you in a while. We also have this as the like how we control the size of the characters or the objects that we put in the panel. If you want to split them if you want to bring to front and Adam I'm going to show you how it works. So for example I'm going to flip this guy so quick here and I click on that guy. So now he's flipped out and wonderful. OK. I'm going to move them here or there. I have to click on to move on. And scaling is like changing the size of that object. So whether big or small. And the last thing is the leadings we click on the lead and you click on the object and it vanishes right away. So that guy's going to speak with I Frankenstein. OK so that's Frankenstein OK. And this is one of the new characters. He's and he made it. So I'm going to choose that choose this one. OK. I'm going to make a little bit smaller. Ok now I'm going to add the talk button balloon talk balloon and let's look at that page. Top news that we have here so as you can see this has to do with the size of the tub. OK. And which way the person is located in the pen or OK so we're going to choose this and we're going to move it. So let's say that I want to make it like behind that person seat. Now if this is positioned behind one of those characters who can OK in order to edit the talk alone you have to click on. OK so it is creepy here. I guess the room is OK. Then I edit the second panel and that character saying oh no i hate bugs. And then the third panel the guy saying I never said that there are insects in the room. OK so this is one of the activities Well you can create a better one. And whenever you are adding something in the panel you just click on it and then you click on the item that is in there inside that selection window and you will find it here and then you make the necessary changes. I hope that you like this lesson and you create a lot of activities using make believe comes.