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Be a Game Maker with GameMaker Studio 2

Make 2 Complete Games with the Free Version of GameMaker Studio 2

09:29:57 of on-demand video • Updated August 2020

  • Navigate GameMaker Studio 2's UI
  • Program basic events and scripts in GameMaker Language
  • Make your very own platform and space shooter games
English [Auto] Welcome in this lecture we're going to be downloading the trial version of game maker studio to this course in this course you'll be making two games but you can make both of them using the trial version of game maker studio too. So you don't need to commit to purchasing game maker in order to try it out and see if it's going to be the right engine for you. So first you'll need to go to your dot com and you can see here we've got their main web site. We can get game makers video too right here. And then we've got some previews up here. You can also see that you can export. Game Maker city or two to Xbox One. There's some pretty cool games made with game maker if you go to their showcase you can see a lot of the different games that have been made with game maker under Tell hyper like drifter rivals of aither the swords of ditto death's gambit need hog. I mean it's just the list is growing and growing. Time and time again. Game makers proving itself to be a great engine for indie game developers. So and you can if you can also see that there's a beta switch export. So if you're looking to develop games for the switch game maker might be a good option for you. So let's click on get game maker right here and you can see they give you the different pricing options. The creator edition is $39 and it's a one year license. However it gives you a discount to upgrade to the developer license which is $100 and the developer license is a one time purchase. So it's not a subscription. So that's kind of the good option you can buy the creator license and then upgrade to the developer license for cheaper. And so you can kind of try it out that way. But like I said for this course we can use the trial version which is completely free so you're going to click on here for the trial version and it's going to give you two options here for Windows or Mac. So select the one that works for you whichever one you need to download. And we can do log in to download so you're going to need to create an account so you can see a press log in to download. That's going to show my e-mail here and my password for my account. You'll need to create your own logon and then you can download the trial version. OK. And once you've downloaded it it should show up in your downloads as game makers to install installer like this. You can double click on it and install it. And once you've done that that will bring up the game maker studio to start page which will look like this. You will have a log in so you'll have to log in using the account you created but once you've done that your page should look exactly like mine except that it won't have the recent projects over here because you haven't started any projects. So there you go that's how you can download Game Maker Studio 2 and get the trial version for free for this course. Thank you so much for watching this lecture and I will see you guys in the next one.