Playing Basic Chords

Christopher Tan
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In this lecture, we hear what the hymn sounds like when only basic closed chords are played.

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Basic Piano Hymn Playing

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  • Identify Chords
  • Playing of fixed vs broken chords
  • Improvising the left hand accompaniment
English [Auto] Right next we're going to do is return some course to our melody to form and to play at least the basic costs to company melody. So instead of just playing that caught on. So the first cause is called which is seven which is seacock Carnegie B-flat bass right. So the first step is to actually identify where all the costs are for each piece you know he familiar. Familiarize yourself with the notes which form each of these cards. So it's easy right now needs be you have to know how to play a more interesting court rather than just this false you can get away with this at a very basic level. It will still work. We're going to make it sound more interesting by playing open courts rather than these kind of.