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Masters are useful when creating commonly used widgets or collection of widgets.

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Axure RP 8 - Comprehensive training for UX Design

Learn the basic, intermediate and advance level Axure RP skills for creating interactive prototype for web and mobile.

04:03:08 of on-demand video • Updated June 2019

  • Confidently create interactive prototype of website and adaptive design for mobile.
  • Practically learn how to use conditional logic, math, function and expression in your prototype.
  • Effectivley using the masters, dynamic panel, repeater widgets, web font as you master the course.
  • Create and manage mobile design with adaptive view
  • Take advantage of dynamic data driven prototype through repeater widgets.
  • Add e-commerce interaction to your prototype.
  • Working with IF / ELSE conditions
  • Embed google maps and youtube video to your prototype.
English In this lecture we will learn what the Master is all about because we will be using the master from now throughout the course. A master is a very tremendous and a powerful feature of axure rp. you change once and no matter where the master is placed throughout the project. It will change immediately. Let's see with an example. I want my RP file right now and you can see, I have intentionally kept my restaurant spelling wrong. To edit this one, I will double click to make an edit and change "e" to "a". And I will go back to my home page. Now if you go to the "what on" page it automatically change from "e"to "a" which previously was not there. That is what the benefit of master is. Please let me know if you have any question or queries related to it. Now let's create a master in the next video.